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Due to an accident that has occurred to a loved one I shall be taking some time off the site and will be putting my roleplays on halt for the time being. Apologies for everything and to my friends.
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In Narnia
Full-Time fangirling, k-pop loving, dorky, lovable puppy.
Reading, Photography, Writing, Music, Sleeping and Cute Cuddly Animals! <3
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Dragon Age
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Fantasy, horror, n HARRY POTTER xD!

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Universes Created

Under the Same Moon

{Private role-play between the lovely Tigerz, Grimms aka me, the awesome Wiley & magnificent Starlight~}

All We Want Is Peace

In present time a Virus has spread throughout Oregon killing almost all the vampires that reside there. Best Friends, a Werewolf and Vampire came up with the cure together. They were murdered by their own kind and their daughters want peace.

Sudden Outbreak

Year after Year government has covered up incidents where someone kills and eats another person. They always blamed it on drugs but now in 2014 a sudden outbreak occurs and a group of highschool kids struggle to escape their school and survive.

Hawthorne Grove

A town occupied by a pack of werewolves and a coven of vampires who have made a peace treaty but a mysterious werewolf girl enters town falling in love with a vampire girl and becoming one of the pack members.

Hitmen Training

2019 New York City, The small group of remaining Hitmen are given the task to train new bloods.

I'll Remember You

Summer is the time for partying and drinking but it is also the time for love. 1x1 with Emmie_Hoeller and myself.

The Walking Dead: The Other Group

In the world of the Walking Dead another group of survivors also escaped the town in Cynthiana, Kentucky where rick also escaped from with his life both groups went opposite directions never meeting and likely they won't.

We'll sleep when we're dead

6 young Adult's partying and living life to the fullest in London every night finding love and causing drama. {NEED A MALE!}


Year 2144 and after a long war against mutants a new generation of mutants are uprising and ready to rage war against the military for their freedom and to be treated equally!

Blood and Moon

Year 2018 and The book of Living Shadows has been reawakened, now the Vampires and Werewolves must work with each other to recover the book with some unlikely help from a group of humans. ( Still working on it)

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