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Haas33 » Universes

Seven Closed

Seven people were created for one purpose, to take control, but The Seven aren't sure they want a part of it.

I am Different Open

People have suspected the government was hiding something for as long as anyone can remember. Nobody excepted how big of a secret this is. And they aren't going to stop.

Battling Genetics Closed

In post apocalyptic New York CIty, it's men vs. women vs. genetically modified people

Gracelings Open

The Gracelings are gifted individuals, however, they have been going missing lately.

The 76 Annual Hunger Games Closed

The Hunger Games are taking place again, in a time of helplessness. The capital has regained complete power and the districts are at their mercy. The Tributes all take their stance, each hiding a dark secret.

Four Open

Four People. Four amazing powers. Four huge responsibilities. One. Two. Three. Four. Will they survive?

Special Open

There have always been people in this world that are different than us. And one girl has the key to life and death, everything goes awry

The Gifted Ones Closed

No slots currently open.

there isn't an escape Open

Basically, I am restarting/reopening one of my very first role-plays. it was very successful and i felt bad for closing it. But I am reopening it! MORE INFO INSIDE!!!

Red-Zone Open

In the Red-Zone, nothing is safe. mutants and vampires run wild. brother turns on brother. sister turn on sister. (OPEN!!! MORE INSIDE :D)

The Graced Open

This is a Private rp. Male character spot needed.

Color Coded Open

People with powers are detected with different colors and labeled. Many are killed. What happens when a new threat arrives? (More details inside. spots open)

Mutilated and Mutated Closed

You have been mutated all your life, but now it seems like you finally have a chance to fly free.

Forever Feared Closed

We all thought dragons were big bad and scary, but is everything we thought, wrong?

Winged Beauty Closed

Everybody thought she was dead. Everybody. But after two years, she comes back, and on a mission. To kill you. (MORE INSIDE! OPEN)

Hunt, Capture, and Kill Open

A man hunts down the world's deadliest assassins. Why? Because he needs help killing a six year old. (MORE INSIDE!!!!)

Locked Out, or In? Closed

I really don't feel like explaining a really thought out role-play in a couple sentences, so just take the effort to look inside...ok? Thanks. That means a lot.

Trapped Forever Open

Whenever scientists find ways to develop highly enhanced human beings, it starts a frenzy. Mutants popping up left and right. However, only a select few manage to survive. But those select few want out. NOW.

I Owe You Closed

This is a 1x1. All spots taking. Brilliant idea? Pm me if you want.

Broken Lives Closed


FAYZ Closed

Whenever everyone over 15 "poofs" and a huge spherical wall surrounds Perdido Beach, how will everyone survive?

Escape; there is none Closed

You're locked up, have been for a while now. That is, unless they just shipped you in. You are a mutant, somebody's science experiment, and you want out. NOW.

Wings, Love, and Escape Closed

Two avian mutants are on the run, and possibly in love. (ALL SPOTS FILLED....SORRY)

Departed Spirits Closed

A normal boy is gifted with the ability to see and feel ghosts, even communicate with them. But when another person discovers this power, will an undead war break out?

Experimental Wings Closed

Yeah, they are kids. Kids with WINGS. This isn't possible right? Well six bird kids would like to say otherwise. (OPEN, MORE INSIDE)

Winglings Closed

all spots taken. Sorry. Unless you have a brilliant character idea (I still might not accept you though)

Brought to Life Closed

When fairy tale characters some to life, it seems like the world is out to get them. But fairy tales have a happy ending right? (OPEN MORE INSIDE)

The Psychies Closed

If you are interested, and want the Physicie or Enviro, please shoot me a Pm, cuz I could make it a 1x1. other than that, this rp is dead...sorry

The Feared Closed

This might be dead...I mean there are only 4 people. Not enough. How sad

Ruffled Feathers Closed

The secret is out. There are bird kids. 8 to be precise. Mutants, test subjects, victims, whatever you call them, they are on the run, but they aren't the only mutants out there. (OPEN LOOK INSIDE)

Vampire Plague Closed

I think it died. Sad face.

Graced Completed

People are graced with abilities, certain things that make them the best at what they do. From little things to dangerous things, people are hunted down, being called "dangerous" MORE INSIDE (OPEN)

24 Elements Closed

Mother Nature granted 24 wolves with an element, and all these wolves never knew there were more like them. And when they all meet and discover there are, what will happen? Love, friendship, enemies, war?

Deadly Fangs Closed

Werewolves and Vampires on on the brink of war, but suddenly a new species comes into play. Is it possible to have a Vampire were wolf? (Open)

Lab Rats, and Tigers, and Bears. Oh my. Closed

Scientists tortuously experiment and created strange human shape shifters called Damen. The Damen can transform into an animal that matches their personality. they want out! But even if they get out, they are on an island, with animal instincts.

The 33rd Annual Hunger Games! Closed

(Closed, unless you are part of the role-play.)

There Is No Escape Completed

Sadly, I think it is dead....

The Red Wolf Hunt Closed