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Hannahpop102 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Hannahpop102 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Luna Wright

Luna Wright, located in Earth

as part of Hola! It's Summertime {Reboot}

"With the joy and beauty of life."

Character Portrait: Celia Parker

Celia Parker, located in Private Island (Mythical Land)

as part of The Light Ritual

Being a headmaster is a very important job

Character Portrait: Willow Carter

Willow Carter, located in Private Island (Mythical Land)

as part of The Light Ritual

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. Dr. Seuss

Character Portrait: Chris Brown

Chris Brown, located in Cherry Hills

as part of A Best Friend's Suicide

"life happens so does death"

Character Portrait: Emma Wilmington

Emma Wilmington, located in Cherry Hills

as part of A Best Friend's Suicide

"I have a mommy and a daddy what more would you need"

Character Portrait: Dana Ravens

Dana Ravens, located in New York City

as part of Dreams Can Come True

"Life is something precise hold on to it."

Character Portrait: Charlie Stone

Charlie Stone, located in Earth, Riverson

as part of The Alien Child

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. William Shakespeare

Character Portrait: Tara Mountbatten

Tara Mountbatten, located in England

as part of A Princesses Debt

"Even in the Future I will know how to rule my Kingdom."

Character Portrait: Cora Pratt

Cora Pratt, located in Los Angeles, California

as part of Welcome To Parenthood {REBOOT}

"In life a death there is only a few people you can trust and some of them are your offspring."

Character Portrait: Tessa White

Tessa White, located in London, England

as part of My Best Friend

The Shy Helpless Girl or so you think

Character Portrait: Bree Carter

Bree Carter, located in Twinology Camp

as part of Twin Intuition

"Twin Power"

Character Portrait: Olivia Cunningham

Olivia Cunningham, located in Ohio

as part of The Annoying Family

Love is a basic principal

Character Portrait: Leah Larson

Leah Larson, located in Atlanta, Georgia

as part of My Soul To Keep

"I will Fight for my Life."

Character Portrait: Stacy Cobb

Stacy Cobb, located in New York

as part of Welcome to Adulthood

I'm New but ready to see what new is all about

Character Portrait: Victoria Carter

Victoria Carter, located in Boarding School

as part of Fairy Tale Boarding School

Daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip

Character Portrait: James Hamilton

James Hamilton, located in Unknown

as part of Kidnapper's Journey to Love

"The Secret to Life is have fun, meet girls, and drink bourbon."

Character Portrait: Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox, located in Lima, Ohio

as part of Don't Stop Believin': The New New Direction

"I'm right you're wrong accept that"

Character Portrait: Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan, located in New York City

as part of Journey of Adulthood

"The New Journey Through Life..... Ain't It Great."

Character Portrait: Jessica Brooks

Jessica Brooks, located in Uknown Island, Bermuda Triangle

as part of Bermuda Triangle

"The glass is either half empty or half full you choose?"

Character Portrait: Dylan Chase

Dylan Chase, located in Orchard Valley, Vermont

as part of Orchard Valley

"The course of true love never did run smooth." -William Shakespeare

Character Portrait: Raven Gaddy

Raven Gaddy, located in New York

as part of Friends Reunited

"Now I had one more thing to say to you. Oh, right. Shut up"

Character Portrait: Jason Tabor

Jason Tabor, located in New York

as part of Friends Reunited

"I'm curvy and I like it"

Character Portrait: Julia June Foster

Julia June Foster, located in Mystic Grove

as part of Mystic Grove

I'm a witch did I have anything to say about it ..... No

Character Portrait: Agent Claire Reynolds

Agent Claire Reynolds, located in Render, USA

as part of Remember Those Days

"I will Fight for my Life."

Character Portrait: Dana Young

Dana Young, located in New York City

as part of Relationship Boot Camp Season 1

"I hope I can find what I'm looking for here." WIP

Character Portrait: Ben Geller Bunch

Ben Geller Bunch, located in New York

as part of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The Next Generation

"When life throws you lemons make lemonade."

Character Portrait: Jane Geller

Jane Geller, located in Cascade Hotel

as part of Come Back To Me!

"Life is something precise hold on to it." WIP

Character Portrait: Dr. Lauren Pepper

Dr. Lauren Pepper, located in Boston, Massachusetts

as part of {Married Life}

"Love is an open door"

Character Portrait: Rachel "Rapunzel"

Rachel "Rapunzel", located in Castaway Cay

as part of Castaway Cay

"This is my frying pan and I can hit you in the head if I like."

Character Portrait: Ella Jewels

Ella Jewels, located in Enchanted Forest

as part of After Happily Ever After

"Time and Time Again you Forget What Love is Really so Just Remember to Love with Your Heart."

Character Portrait: Jason Wright

Jason Wright, located in Florida

as part of Starting Fresh

All is done and given up on

Character Portrait: Jeremy Roger

Jeremy Roger, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Arms

"Ready.... Set...... Fly!"

Character Portrait: Ivy Black

Ivy Black, located in Malibu, California

as part of Spread Your Wings

"Sometimes you can try hard but you won't always get it" WIP

Character Portrait: Jess Geller

Jess Geller, located in Minnetonka

as part of Screaming in the Silence

"This Isn't a Game."

Character Portrait: Sophia Collins

Sophia Collins, located in Hogwarts

as part of Welcome to Hogwarts

WOW this place is so cool

Character Portrait: Valerie Geller

Valerie Geller, located in New York City, New York

as part of Clandestine

Life is good when your a wizard

Character Portrait: Natasha Romanova

Natasha Romanova, located in Earth

as part of The DC Marvel Team

"So where did Captain America learn to steal a car"

Character Portrait: Alice Olsen

Alice Olsen, located in Calirfornia

as part of Welcome to Paranormal Villa

This is Boring.............

Character Portrait: Alexis Wood

Alexis Wood, located in The Island

as part of Welcome to The Island

I am Me, you're you and I'm not changing for you

Character Portrait: Willow Turner

Willow Turner, located in Ashmont Academy

as part of Ashmont Academy Secrets

I have a secret don't you

Character Portrait: Olivia Sun

Olivia Sun, located in City library ( and school )

as part of Love found in books

Love is rare when you have it don't let go

Character Portrait: Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson, located in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

as part of The fight for Hogwarts

From the start I have loved this place and it is like my family

Character Portrait: Ciara Stone

Ciara Stone, located in Earth

as part of The perfect weapons.

"When you are raised in a lab what else do you have?"

Character Portrait: Kristen Fray

Kristen Fray, located in Elk River, Louisiana

as part of The Town of Elk River

Happiness... consists in giving, and in serving others.

Character Portrait: Cinderella "Ella" Falls

Cinderella "Ella" Falls, located in Fairy Tale World

as part of The Fight For Our Happily Ever After

"Life is a beautiful thing if you have it savor it."

Character Portrait: Tessa Parker

Tessa Parker, located in River Dale, Earth

as part of Home is Where the Heart is | Home Sweet Home

"My Children, My Husband I love them all."

Character Portrait: Josh Tanner

Josh Tanner, located in Ohio

as part of Were More Then Friends Now

"If life was death then death is love"

Character Portrait: Ava Cobb

Ava Cobb, located in New York

as part of Welcome to Adulthood

Daughter of Stacy Cobb