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My name is Larissa, but please call me Lari, it's shorter and a little more simple to remember! I'm a Russian girl who has been roleplaying since she was a kid. I tend to use smileys alot, so I apologize if that's a pet peeve. I'm always up for a chat, so you can message me for no reason if you want to. uvu
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I haven't created any characters yet, but I'm open to finding a universe to play in! Contact Me »

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I'm a Student, part-time babysitter and a Personal Teacher (I teach Italian :3)
Medieval Stuff, Medieval Fantasy Setting, Archery and Stealth, Marvel, Agents, Game of Thrones, Wicca (Witchcraft and Wizardry in general), Homestuck, Post-Apocalyptical Setting, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Demons & Angels, Kingdoms, Royalty, Thieves and Looters, Mercenaries, Guards and Companions, Doctor Who, Time-Travel, Space and Time
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0- 0-2005
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Dragon Age, Skyrim
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Alot of settings, actually.

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Notice me... Please...

School begins again, and a new students arrives to the school. She promises herself to do her best, and not crush on anyone because she is sure that she wont stay for long. However, she doesn't seem to be able to keep the promise.

Club Forfeit

Normal town, normal places, normal people. The everyday life you have, untill you recieve a mysterious letter.

Maid Candy Shoppe

A colorful shop with some colorful characters. A store where you can find any sweet your stomach desires. Everything from sweet cream truffles, to happy hippos and cupcakes. White chocolate mousse and dark chocolate frogs. Cheesecake bon bons and others.

They're Nice Guys

At first, the idea of changing school sounds good, however, no one told the two sisters that they'd be surrounded by boys in their class.

Real Life Troubles.

They used to be normal busy people, untill they found Virtual Reality, a site which literally made them obsessed over it. However, after the site has been closed down, the group which has been formed there made a big decision..

Nothing between us.

Twisted Tree High, a mysterious school located in a small town. It is a private school which requires an invite. However, there have been rumors around the school about murders, alien sightings, and paranormal activity.

Pok??mon: Silvermist Coven

A team of pokemon trainers has been sent out to explore an island, from whom many radiation signs are recieved. /Closed/

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