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The World of Avalon Open

A land of heroes, monsters, and magic. Avalon is the world which Blake, Cecilia, Eric, Vivian, Vincent, Lamorak, Edward, and Neko hail from. On an island between five kingdoms, it is said there lies a portal to the dominion of Overlord Mordred.

Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story Open

Warriors both old and new have been called to World B. This is the 11th cycle. An early battle that will end in victory for one side. Which side will it be? And... -"What will you fight for?"-

Netherworld Styx: The Realm of Beasts Open

A knight and his squire are assigned a grim task that goes against their sense of chivalry. Will they betray their kingdom in the name of justice? And who would stand against them if they did?