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Hetalia member of RPG for years

Bio: Besides watching Korean dramas, and stalking Jang Geung Suk.. I really cannot say much about myself, in fear of sounding vain.


The fundamental pillars in my 14-year life.

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Tits or Gtfo.
Korean Dramas; Jang Geung Suk; Yaoi; Kpop; Anime; Manga; Tales of Symphonia; Fiesta Online; Mythology; Hetalia; Hentai; Shopping; Character Design; Crappy Fanfictions; Getting Enough Sleep; Watching the Snow Fall
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Tales of Symphonia
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High Fantasy

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Character Portrait: XiangHua ( Xiang )

XiangHua ( Xiang )

"I? A beauty of no comparison? A demure rose among a field of weeds? I? Mingle with those inferior humans? Unbefitting of such magnificence!"
Character Portrait: Elena Sergueievna (Tank)

Elena Sergueievna (Tank)

"I am not one to be fooled with! Allow me to pound this into your head with my Hooves of might!"
Character Portrait: Roy Strange

Roy Strange

"Take me seriously, stupid! Even a brat like me has dignity!"
Character Portrait: Lloyd Morales

Lloyd Morales

"Alright! We've been found, my boomerang's broken, and I seem to be missing a limb! But that's no reason to panic! Let's get some, yeah?!"
Character Portrait: Genevieve Tatlin (Viva)

Genevieve Tatlin (Viva)

"I can help you, you know? I can play a great factor in your life and possible death!"