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The Bonds of Fate

【Short Private Roleplay between TheSpaceInBetween and myself | Advanced RP | Feel Free To Read Along 】


An AU loosely based off ‘The Chemical Garden Trilogy’ by Lauren Destefano. ROLES AVAILABLE INQUIRE WITHIN.

October Sun

In the small town of Crestmont Hills, you are sent to scout and secure 18-year-old Senna Argent, she may be the key to breaking the curse that'd kept your people trapped in a fixed dimension for centuries. But in this world, all is not what it seems.

Trapped In My Dreams

For five teens, sometimes falling asleep can be downright difficult. One night, they all take a sleep tonic of sorts, and enter the Dreamscape, and meet others called Dream Souls. Can they escape with a love, or remain trapped in a nightmare?


Ripped away from your family at a young age, and into a world of complete isolation because now you are deemed to be a group of gifted individuals called "Clovers" who have the power to manipulate technology.

Crimson Fatalism

The year 20XX the King and Queen of Aerisia has spent many years at peace. Until one night the Kind is abducted by the warring country of Prusu. The Queen decides to go on a rescue mission axxomoanied by her best knights. Will they succeed?


Non-RP, A place to practice coding, master list, Musings, texts, graphics, etc, open for suggestions . . .

The Promise Made

In a small town where everything is not what it seems, Isabella Lombardi learns about her ancient family secret and must put an end to an unresolved tension that's haunted her bloodline for years. [b]1x1 St.Valentine+Himekura[/b]

The Invitation

Your life sucks! You always wished things could be different, and well one day a letter of beautiful detailing and penmanship arrives in the mail, it's the invitation that will literally change your life forever. That is,if you accept it.


In the small town of Crestmont Hills, you are sent to scout and secure 18-year-old Senna Argent, she may be the key to breaking the curse that'd kept your people trapped in a fixed dimension for centuries. But in this world, all is not what it seems.

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It started out as a relatively normal day when Ri showed up and with a mere look: It's time. After years of training and hard work it's all lead up to this day. The day he was to enter the tower, prove his worth.

Ri lead Jin to the tower and left him at that without so much as a goodbye. From this day forth, he would be considered as everyone else, a potential. Judged as well. His uncle a spectator in the shadows, no one had to tell him this. Facing the tower that seemingly reached the gods he squared his shoulders.

Stepped toward the door and pushed into the void.

The pitch blackness made his every sense spark on attention, the slight drop in temperature and utter stillness made him too draw pause.

Why the poor lighting? A test of resolve maybe?

He scoffed at himself, of course not. The true tests were far reaching in aspect, cleverer, brutal in a way. It's what his uncle expressed, a tip for what was to come. His gaze swept the area until he sensed a pulse, someone approaching. Hand already at the hilt of his sword he readied for anything.

"Show yourself." A solitary warning. Or he'll strike.

Turned out it was a mere guide to the actual testing grounds itself. A curious emerald-hued fellow of a shorter stature. He bade Jin good luck as they parted ways and the rules were announced: Weeding the herd. Whoever was left standing moved on to the next round. That was the gist of it.

All around him a field of grass offered ample cover, but it wasn't wise to stick to one position for long. So he ducked low and moved out. If he could get a better sense of what he was up against, he could plan his next move.

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Several meters ahead, Jin paused at witnessing the fall of a massive man taken out by a pale-haired girl. She was formidable in her counter, her style a mix of aether and precise blows. The other had lost the moment he'd opposed her, that was obvious enough. And his company missed the memo, going after her as well. With a giant boulder twice her size and hurled it.

Another behind her--standing too close was struck down.

This fight like the last ended in moments. Three numbers flared crimson beside her marking the remaining players on the field.

That many left huh, they got their work cut out for them. It's unfortunate how many of them won't survive after this. How many won't return to waiting hopeful families-if any. Or—

He withdrew the katana, the Colourless December and swung in an arc behind himself, the tip of the blade stopping short of some kid's throat. His target held what looked to be a hunter's knife. Edged and already tainted in another's blood.

The boy looked no older then thirteen.

"Stand down, don't force my hand."

The boy's dull eyes widened slightly.

A man shot forth from the grass, as though Jin wouldn't sense his approach. It took little effort for Jin to catch and knock out the other with a precisely aimed jab.

The kid took the opening to run in the other direction.

Jin's katana pulsed slightly. It's never done this before. Perhaps it's got something to do with being here of all places. He resheathed the blade and kept moving. No time to worry about it.

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Despite the artificial atmosphere, Jin appreciated it for what it was. At least it granted a sliver of comfort. He breathed in the crisp air and allowed himself a brief moment to calm himself. Though his gaze snapped toward the Proctor once it was announced that the rest of the participants had arrived.

So, The Crown Game. Obnoxious wasn't it? Fighting over such a thing. Sure, he wished to work under the True Crown, prove himself worthy, but to desire it himself, never. Not even hypothetically. He crossed his arms, it wouldn't count against them, it wasn't worth the effort. Honestly, this was something he'd rather sit out. Watch the others take their measure of it. Observe them from a distance in order to read their moves, learn how they work with and against each other. He could sense his newly partnered company observe him, he sighed.
"Do you want to put yourself through trouble over a chair and fancy head piece?" If she truly insisted on it, who was he to tell her no? However, it would be them against an entire group of varied teams. And if she donned the crown (he wasn't going to) she couldn't leave her spot for the duration of the game. He'd be up against who knew what for who knew how long and he knew his limits.

If they lost the crown it'd be over for them.


"We either follow our purpose in life, or make one for ourselves."