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I'm human, male, straight, and alive. That about covers it! EDIT: I am a person of creativity. I will never (or try to never) use the same character in multiple RPs (avatar, picture, name, abilities, etc.). I feel that reusing the same thing more than once is a lack of creativity, which I am full of. Except something unique whenever I join an RP! I have also joined the Army so I probably won't be on often after OCT 11th heh heh...
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Video games, movies, books, writing, creating, calculating, playing, Final Fantasy, Ultraman (FTW), Soda, Japan, etc. XD
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FF, KH, Demon's Souls, Etc.
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Anime/Video Game/Fantasy

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Universes Created

Final Fantasy: Love's End

A man finally snaps and his hatred for the weak has lead him to collect Eidolons for his final extermination of affection. Without love, hope, feelings, what is there to live for?

Colors of a Prisim

A group of archeologists accidentally uncovered a temple that released a beast. The colors were sent off and attached to random people as tattoos. Now do you have what it takes to use that power?

Dearly Departed

A world where corruption runs society, two lovers are torn apart and will do whatever it takes to be reunited again and take down the evil corporation with their new found powers.

Grotesque Ending

A murder mystery RP that surrounds the events of one high school student's investigation. What secrets will unravel and what truths may be uncovered?

Soul Eater: Rise of A New Kishin

A new Kishin rises. Who will stop it before it's too late?

Saw: VII Cardinal Sins

Before Lawrence Gordon and Adam Stanheight there were 7 others, each with a chance of redemption. Why were these 7 never heard of before? The mystery will finally be solved once and for all.

Mythic Banished

A remake of one of my old RPs. A land where mythic/legendary creatures live is now torn between envy, hate, and chaos. What side will you choose?

Bleach: The Final Hope

-Check in the Info- (Description too long)

A Sword That Heals

A Dragon that rips dimensions into shreds has made his way to Earth, but there is hope. Can you stop this being before everything is engulfed in darkness?

Final Fantasy: Yer'non's Disorder

A world thrown into chaos when a kingdom revived the four Archdemons. Now a king has gone into paranoia and blames a lost kingdom for his actions. Now you have been thrown into the story and must find a way to end this discord.

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