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Character Portrait: Helene Is your average, everyday normal [b]human[/b].....nothing special. [quote]It's not like I'm trying to hide anything, I just want to enjoy a nice drink and company....[/quote]
Character Portrait: Nadiyya Svitlana A Yokai who was chosen to be next representative and ruler of a species of Yokai that have been strongly looked down upon. She however did not want this and ran away from something she obviously did not choose.
Character Portrait: Belenus [quote]You are only but one single individual out of countless billions. What does your life matter to me?[/quote]
Character Portrait: Okori A young Elegant Shrine Maiden with a rather calming aura about her person. For hundreds of years her, and her forfathers where bestowed with the duty of protecting a Shrine located within the Woods just outside of Wing Cities walls.
Character Portrait: Rori [quote]Heh, I thought being dead might be fun....But [b]hell[/b] I was [b]wrong[/b], being dead [b]sucks![/b][/quote]