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Horseygirl member of RPG for 10 years

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Hey! I'm Caitie. Eh, I guess all you really need to know is that I'm a literate British/Irish rper. I don't bite, so feel free to pm me of you want to do a 1x1 or just ask me a question. ^.^

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Universes Created

Something Lost

A pack of wolves have been three girls best friends their whole lives. They always knew that before their 18th birthday, the girls had to tell them they loved them. The girls had to say it on their own accord, and mean it. (Full)

Bring me to life

two extreamly powerful twins were in a carcrash. One should have died, and she did. Her twin brought her back, unaware she would come back cursed. . . . .

Winter Sea

Two woman are plauged by the haunting memories of their ansestorys. They remember each movement they made, every smile they gave. Little do they know, they are living a modern verion of their trageties.


When four immortal brother have the ones the love die, they drift apart. All of them cling to one legend, though. . . .in hopes that they might get their loves back. . .little do they know, the one they trust most is who killed them.

Home is where the heart is

A plane in London crashes, leaving twelve people stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Love will have it's way

Two commoners can't stop a marriage between a prince and a princess that has been planned since before the two where even born. . . . or can they?

Life isn't Simple

Two best friends and future king and queen are forced to marry, when they are already in love with commoners.

Shark In The Water

When two worlds, humans and werewolves, collide, freindships are betrayed, love is formed, and most peace bettween the species is severed


Werewolves, werecats, sorcerers, vampires, necromancers, humans ect. have agreed to forever live in harmony. Hundreds of years later werewolves are being killed off. Vampires are being blamed.

Sullsbury Academy

Sullsburry Academy is a place for abondond humands or Royals, a race that is like humans, just with strange powers. It is all peacfully untill the founders' grandaughter decides to spice things up.




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