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Horseygirl » Universes

Salted Wounds Open

{Private rp between The_Calender and me}

The Protectors of East Glenn Open

A pack of wolves serves as the police force, protecting the humans and hunting down the vampires in a small Michigan town

A Chance Soul Open

Private rp between Starlight77 and me

The Hunting Open

[Private rp with Skwidge and me]

So Impossibly In Love Open

{Private rp between Starlight and me}

Four Hearts Open

{Private rp between Onica-louis, Starlight77, Gentlemiss, and Horseygirl}

These Violent Delights Open

{A private rp between ICat and me}

Lovers And Hunters Open

What would you do, if the person you loved the most was the monster that you were meant to kill?

How to live while dying Open

You are diagnosed with one of the worst types of cancer, and you aren't even twenty. You know you probably are going to die, and are out into a support group full of people just as depressed as you.

Home is where the heart is Open

A plane in London crashes, leaving twelve people stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Hidden among Aristocrats Open

In old England, where marriages are arranged for optimal money opportunities and disobedience can lead to disownment, not everything is as it seems.

One year Open

A small town on the outskirts of London is shaken up when 'at risk' teens are brought in to be involved in a mentor program for one whole year.

Angelic Love Open

Archers; angels of love, are born cursed to have a bloody and tragic life and death. Can a twist of fate, and two special humans change it?

Save Us Open

Werewolves have been infected with a deadly plague, but even the ones who are immune aren't safe. Two packs are forced together, and find themselves being attacked.

Give me love Open

Archers; angels of love, are born cursed to have a bloody and tragic life and death. Can a twist of fate, and two special humans change it?

Imperfect Beings Open

A pack of werewolves is left shaken after an attack from a rival pack. But even then, love finds it's way in through a couple werewolves' mistakes. . .

Harry Potter: The Triwizard Tournament Open

A private rp between Overtherainbow and myself

Bitten and Bound Open

After half their pack is slaughtered, four werewolves are forced to bite and bond with four humans who are sure to be overwhelmed and very resistant.

I'll never forget you Open

Four people couldn't be more different. Two twins from Julliard, and twins in a famous rock band. But each of them have a dark secrete: they are werewolves. Every winter they are together are a pack, but don't recognize each other in human form.

A Small Spark Open

Every vampire for his/her 17th birthday is given something called a spark. A spark is a human with control over electricity, and their blood is irresistible to humans. Nice a vampire bites them, they are bound for life. (one male spot open)

Winter Sea Open

Two woman are plauged by the haunting memories of their ansestorys. They remember each movement they made, every smile they gave. Little do they know, they are living a modern verion of their trageties.

Some things never change Open

A cat-like race, the Felis, and the werewolves never got along. The werewolves wiped out the Felis's race, or so they thought. . . .

Something Lost Open

A pack of wolves have been three girls best friends their whole lives. They always knew that before their 18th birthday, the girls had to tell them they loved them. The girls had to say it on their own accord, and mean it. (Full)

Love will have it's way Open

Two commoners can't stop a marriage between a prince and a princess that has been planned since before the two where even born. . . . or can they?

To save my soul Open

Four werewolves imprint on human sisters with an abusive father. Can they save them, and steal their hearts?

Curse of the felines Open

Some humans have the spirit of a canine inside them. But very few are born with a cursed feline. (one male open)

Life isn't Simple Open

Two best friends and future king and queen are forced to marry, when they are already in love with commoners.

For angels to die Open

Fallen angels think they are above everybody else and live recklessly. Until each of them fall for a life that is about to end.

Inferior Hearts Open

Sparks are a race that are born with the sole reason to fill a vampire's appetite. Once a vampire tastes their blood, they are immediately bound. Sparks are look down by humans. The vampires, they're as valued as refrigerators.

The blizzard of fate Open

They say everything happens for a reason. Six people stopped in a small Inn just for one night, planning to leave in the morning. Then a huge blizzard hits the area, locking them all together.

The Disowned Open

Angels and Demons are to seprate races- who never mix. But when two sisters are born, half angel and half demon, their parents are killed and they are left in the human world to find for themselves. (full)

Bound Spirits Open

Each person has a part of their soul in a shapeshifting animal. If they are seperated from that animal, then they die. If that animal is hurt, so are they. When people an their animals go missing, someone has to find them. . . .

Love and it's consequences Open

Scientists have finally been able to have the soul on an animal embed itself in a human heart. They can't control who it is, but they try to give them the perfect mate, and a calm personality. But the animals have other plans. . . .

Mending Open

When four immortal brother have the ones the love die, they drift apart. All of them cling to one legend, though. . . .in hopes that they might get their loves back. . .little do they know, the one they trust most is who killed them.

Come get me Open

Two boys have to rescue their soulmates from demons, while them and their soulmates are still uncovering secretes from their past and learning about their powers over the elements. (FULL)

Heartbeats Open

Two lives that couldn't be more different were brought together. But that other person might be the key to finding out who they really are.

Half A Heart Open

Three sisters were born as half-heart, a powerful race with a bit of a defect. If they don't find their mate by the time their 18, they'll die. Little do they know, the wolves behind their house are really their mates.

Polar Opposites Open

Four children of gods and goddesses have been raised to think they are completely normal, but they've noticed there's something different about them. Things happen to them that aren't normal. [gods/goddess spots still open]

It'll never be easy Open

At Summerhaven, none of the students are normal. Each student was rescued and assigned a werewolf to protect them. They are told not too fall in love, but sometimes they just can't control that. . . .

The Marked Souls Open

The playful term would be 'werewolves' but no one cares for the petty names that have accumulated over centuries. We're immortal, we're indestructible...we're awfully bigged up. We live, we die just like any other.

Fragile Line Open

What happens when there are three love triangles, all of them revolving around one boy. He isn't normal though- he's a fallen angel. He fell in love with the girl that he was supposed to protect, and accidently nearly caused her to die.

Heart Skips A Beat Open

What would happen if you had a spirit animal, but it was more like having multiple personality disorder? In fact, most people that have a spirit animal, feel like there is another being inside of them . . . and that's not even the worst of it.

Skipalong Open

What would you do if your sisters were dying and you had to make a choice: let them become werewolves, or watch them die. If they become werewolves, they have a change of being kidnapped by a rival pack. If they die, they die slowly and painfully.

Together, but alone Open

What if you've thought you were in love, and you were compleatly content. Untill your true soulmate comes along, and your forced to make a choice. . .

Hope for the best; Expect the worst Open

They were thought to be heartless. Their own parents disowned them. And why? Because they saw someone lying helpless on the ground, and helped. Was it really their fault that the helpless men were demons?

How My Heart Behaves Open

When four immortal brother have the ones the love die, they drift apart. All of them cling to one legend, though. . . .in hopes that they might get their loves back. . .

Don't Let Me Fall Open

Three sister come seemingly out of nowhere, beautiful and loving. But they have a secrete and the eldest is determined to keep it that way. But when she falls for someone, she might be the one to rat them out.

Torn Open

Three wolves a forced to choose between their pack and their new found affection for three humans

Colorless color Open

The alpha female of the Musoke pack's strange rainbow-colored eyes leads the the friendly neighbor pack to believe she is cursed, and the curse will spread.

Fruit baskets Open

The Sohma family has a terrible secrete. Each member is possessed by one of the zodiac animals, and whenever they are hugged they turn into their animal.

The Outcasted Open

There are peaple who can tranform into aniamls, and they been in hiding untill one day, one of the falls in love with a human, and soon have a child with them. Ever since that day, they lived alongside humans, but were still hated.

Trouble is a friend Open

five peaple brought together with one girl who seems to be best friends with trouble. She is beutifull and sweet, but has a dark secrate.

Shark In The Water Open

When two worlds, humans and werewolves, collide, freindships are betrayed, love is formed, and most peace bettween the species is severed

Spirit Animal Open

peaple are born with the spirit of an animal inside them, and have abilities that come with them. the go to Phoenix Academy, were they learn to controll theese powers.

The Blood Ties Open

Three best freinds with strange abilities. ONe girl, two boys. Both of the boys have fallen for her.

Never again Open

Every 100 years, peaple are born able to turn into animals. There are two of each animals and they are born with one purpose: kill the other person that can turn into your animal. But this time around, somthing is different.

The Hunted Open

At a school with vampires and werewolves, humans have to watch their step. Werewolves protect them but vampires are known to hurt or kill them.

Empty Promises Open

Neko's and Inu's can controll any element exept Spirit. Only Kitsunes controll spirit, but there are very very few of them. Years ago, humans promised to keep them safe, but ended up killing most of them.

The Hunger Games Begin Closed

The hunger games are here again. 24 peaple are sent to fight to the death. 1 will survive. . .

One more time with feeling Open

when a human is killed, their soul cries out for revenge. Some come back, but aren't human anymore. . . .

Neko, Kitsune, and Inu high Open

a school for Nekos, Kitsunes, and Inus. Some humans are alloud in, aswell

Infused Open

after scientists poked and prodded Nekos, they decidied to take humans and infuse them with animals, giving them the ears and tail of the animal

Bring me to life Open

two extreamly powerful twins were in a carcrash. One should have died, and she did. Her twin brought her back, unaware she would come back cursed. . . . .

Fruits Basket Open

each person can turn into a zodiac animal

Fire and Darkness Open

The peaple that can controll elements and Necromancers have always stayed away from each other, untill the Necromancers start a war

Sullsbury Academy Open

Sullsburry Academy is a place for abondond humands or Royals, a race that is like humans, just with strange powers. It is all peacfully untill the founders' grandaughter decides to spice things up.

Phoenix Academey Open

A school for students who can controll peaple's emotions

Dreamers Open

Dreamers are a rare but loving race that can slip into peaple's dreams.

The Unlikely Warriors Open

The greek god/goddess have their own warriors, that live the normal life of a human. Each of them can turn into an animal. Some of them don't even know what they are, untill the warriors of Hestia go missing.

Wolf Pack: Fire and Ice Open

There are two wolf packs, the fire pack and the ice pack. The alpha males don't get along. Will they start a war?

Forevermore Open

Werewolves, werecats, sorcerers, vampires, necromancers, humans ect. have agreed to forever live in harmony. Hundreds of years later werewolves are being killed off. Vampires are being blamed.

Lyle House Open

based on the 'darkest powers' books by Kelly Armstrong

Element Academy Open

For those who have been chosen, and now can controll fire, water, earth, or air, and are also picked by a cat, dog, bird, ect.