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Hunter_Killer member of RPG for 11 years

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I'm 19
While I have been participating in what can be called Role Playing, for almost 9 years... I have had a longer history of writing short stories and books:
I have maybe 4 completed series so far.
That spreads out into a little over 25-30books
Each book is fairly detailed, around 500 to 800+ pages.

I have short stories that would be branching ideas to most of my series...

I tend to stick to a Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre... though I have recently been looking into horror/thriller.

All my rp characters are derivatives from my two origonals... whose names have changed through out time so much, I cannot say what their origonals are...

I have ADD so I can hit multiple subjects at once.... yet i prefer to do reaction rping more then action rping cause only then can my detail be accepted beautifully

FYI: NO matter what people argue to me, Twilight is not a book worthy of mention.

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0- 0-2001
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Star Craft
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fantasy for now

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Beyond Jupiter

Humanity has had time to learn about their world and explore. Now they have colonies ont he Moon and Mars and if everything goes well for this new rocket design, perhaps even further. But far away on one of the Moon's of Jupiter something watches.


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"Only the Master can see all the Imperfections in his work."
-Saldon, 2008

"Remæus hidding easter eggs... im not sure if im going on that hunt..."
- Hunter_Killer 11:21:11 November 23, 2009