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HybridGurl » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by HybridGurl as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Taylin Maxwell

Taylin Maxwell, located in Earth

as part of The Vacation of a Lifetime

"Let's get this thing started!"

Character Portrait: Aleka Rose

Aleka Rose, located in All Over

as part of The Outlaw Punks

"The reason why we feel sleepy after crying is because it's God's way of telling us, 'Child, you're tired and hurt. Sleep now and it will all be okay.'"

Character Portrait: Clarissa "Ris" Ross

Clarissa "Ris" Ross, located in Woodland

as part of This Is Wrong

"What I would give to be able to run free, howling up at the beautiful moon."

Character Portrait: Skyanna Houston

Skyanna Houston, located in Fresh Mountain High School

as part of Fresh Mountain High

"When people asked me 'Why are you so weird?' I never knew what to say, but then I realized why be like 'THIS' when I can be like 'TtThHhIiIsSs'?

Character Portrait: Rachelle LaRue

Rachelle LaRue, located in prison

as part of Torture Prison of the Living Dead

"I dont know why they fuss. Mother and father will have me out in a jiffy."

Character Portrait: Victoria Smithson

Victoria Smithson, located in Small Town Georgia

as part of Stupid Girl

"Why must I live like this?"

Character Portrait: Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega, located in Sunnyside Institution

as part of Escaping Hell

"Hi! Nice to meet you! Now go away and don't bother me!"

Character Portrait: Sage

Sage, located in The Celebrity World

as part of Goodbye Lullaby

"What you see is what you get."

Character Portrait: Cassie Wilson

Cassie Wilson, located in Ronnie's House

as part of Love Square

"Mommy, can I have a puppy? With a bow? And a dress? And a fancy name like Madam Fancypaws?"

Character Portrait: Kallie Micheals

Kallie Micheals, located in The Stone House

as part of Home Sweet Home...Maybe

"He is mine! Back the heck off! He doesn't need anyone but me!"

Character Portrait: Rachelle Potter

Rachelle Potter, located in Saw

as part of Saw: Family Style

"So what? They were poor and stupid and ugly! The world needs powerful, beauftiful, rich women!"

Character Portrait: Jigsaw II

Jigsaw II, located in Saw

as part of Saw: Family Style

"I want to play a game."

Character Portrait: Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene, located in Victorian Europe

as part of The Victorian Era

Sister of the King of England

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Marks

Elizabeth Marks, located in Streets

as part of Love Among The Rats

"I've learned it's best to sit down and shut up. I have become very good at it."

Character Portrait: Annalynn Sampson

Annalynn Sampson, located in Riverdale, Virginia

as part of Is It Worth It?

"Give me K! I! L! Give me an L! M! E! What's that spell? KILL ME!"

Character Portrait: Faith Highland

Faith Highland, located in A Small Town

as part of Memories Of The Summer

"Mommy says I'm a big girl now!"

Character Portrait: Rosalynn Wright

Rosalynn Wright, located in Hutye

as part of Seasons

"Before boy meets girl, they must both meet Jesus."

Character Portrait: Annabell Hampton

Annabell Hampton, located in The Mansion

as part of Signs of Fate: Dreams Renewed

"Sigh...New girl routine AGAIN..."

Character Portrait: Katherine Phillips

Katherine Phillips, located in Earth

as part of Th End Is Near...

"Your hands are tough but they are where mine belong."

Character Portrait: Angel Price

Angel Price, located in Talent Central

as part of We Are Not Puppets

"My name may be angel but that don't mean I cant turn into a b**** real quick."

Character Portrait: Kaylee Jordan

Kaylee Jordan, located in TPA House

as part of Teen Parents Association

"Come on honey. Let's go be alone."

Character Portrait: Marie

Marie, located in Universe

as part of The Disney Experience

Such a sweet girl, still innocent at 13

Character Portrait: Azure Danielle Franklin

Azure Danielle Franklin, located in New York City

as part of The Wolf Cave

"So...You are uh...You're a guy huh?"

Character Portrait: Annastasia Bello

Annastasia Bello, located in Place

as part of Unconditional Impossible Love

"Please dear, that is so...Vampire-like. Bleh!"