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A list of fictional characters written by I'm a Radical Dame! as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Farah Lockett

Farah Lockett, located in Fallenwood (Town's name)

as part of Plague

A young banished mage, trying to stay alive in a cruel demented world.

Character Portrait: Jin

Jin, located in The village

as part of Sit, boy!

A wandering Demon Slayer in Feudal Japan.

Character Portrait: Rainy Thandiwe

Rainy Thandiwe, located in Beverly Hills,California

as part of What Would You Do As a Billionaire?

A simple farm girl from South Africa, who's in for a BIG culture shock as she suddenly gets the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the richest and most powerful people Beverly Hills has to offer.

Character Portrait: August Qwinn

August Qwinn, located in Emersed

as part of Space Dust

The daughter of intergalactic fugitives.....who has had her parents reason for being wanted, passed down to her.

Character Portrait: Ginger Caggliano

Ginger Caggliano, located in Modern, Earth

as part of The Partnership

A young & vivacious free-spirit, desperate to escape the suffocation of political correctness.

Character Portrait: Denver Rubio

Denver Rubio, located in California

as part of Califorina Love

A friendly young girl, eager to explore the world and all it has to offer.

Character Portrait: Mariannette Yamauchi

Mariannette Yamauchi, located in The hamptons

as part of Young. Wild. Free. Famous. Inlove

A wild and popular heiress, who's famous simply for being famous.

Character Portrait: Whitney Kymbers

Whitney Kymbers, located in Ontario Mills Mall

as part of MallRats

A 17 year old Senior, with a full time job at the mall, and a LOT on her shoulders.

Character Portrait: Dyla Wenzrick

Dyla Wenzrick, located in Full Moon Park

as part of Moonlit Skye

A Mischievous Shape-Shifter.

Character Portrait: Prince Kaiyle Qendellson

Prince Kaiyle Qendellson, located in Earthia

as part of A Love Through Conflict

A deep-thinking young prince.....whose solitude is about to be interrupted, much to his annoyance.......but eventually, to his enjoyment.

Character Portrait: Kennedy Kay

Kennedy Kay, located in Hong Kong

as part of The Shadows of Hong Kong

A fiery young Special Agent with the FBI, who has a pension for tough solves, and is like a dog with a bone once a target has been lined up in front of her.

Character Portrait: Nebraska Jones Klum

Nebraska Jones Klum, located in Celebrity-land! (lols)

as part of A Tinseltown Affaire...

The popular daughter of two of Hollywoods most loved stars.

Character Portrait: Knatilee Schiano

Knatilee Schiano, located in Earth; New York City, New York

as part of Fatal Attractions

An everyday woman in the big apple, who owns a successful bar with her sister. Normal girl right? You wish......

Character Portrait: Jaymie'Lynn Tokudaiji

Jaymie'Lynn Tokudaiji, located in Arcana Academy

as part of Rebellion on the Rise

A girl, raised ignorant of the kind of people who would use her powers for nothing but chaos and discord, is about to have a rude awakening.

Character Portrait: Shawn Santorum

Shawn Santorum, located in Contract Island

as part of Your Chance at Romance

A carefree lad who wanted to believe that his life wasn't missing a single thing, will soon be thrust into a new reality proving him dead wrong!

Character Portrait: Fujiko Komatsuzaki

Fujiko Komatsuzaki, located in Manhattan

as part of Restless Corpses

A young woman thousands of miles away from her family, when all hell breaks loose around the globe.

Character Portrait: Parker Nathonson

Parker Nathonson, located in Oregon

as part of A New Life

A lost and struggling young Brit, hoping to find a new start in Oregon.

Character Portrait: Snow White

Snow White, located in Red Wood Village, Europe

as part of Red Riding Hood: The Curse of RedWood Village

Once a Princess, and then a girl on the warpath. But now she's simply Reds best friend, and partner in crime.

Character Portrait: Muraco Locklear

Muraco Locklear, located in Lots Of Places

as part of Finishing The Bucket List

A carefree joker determined to live his friends dreams out to the fullest, in honor of her life cut tragically short.

Character Portrait: Otoha Takizawa

Otoha Takizawa, located in Yukkuri Academy

as part of DEAD: Zombie Survival!

A docile girl, suddenly thrust into a world of deafening chaos.

Character Portrait: Ky Ryans

Ky Ryans, located in Yukkuri Academy

as part of DEAD: Zombie Survival!

A Zombie Hunter who would happily spend the rest of his life in the corner of a bar, munching on candy cigarettes and studying the zoo of people walking around him, if he could.

Character Portrait: Tiffani Machow

Tiffani Machow, located in Ski Resort

as part of Ski Trip: The Last Trip

A quiet, but dedicated security guard.

Character Portrait: Kaiyle Qendellson

Kaiyle Qendellson, located in The Hidden Palace

as part of Just a Kiss Goodnight

A deep-thinking young prince.....whose solitude is about to be interrupted, much to his annoyance.......but eventually, to his enjoyment.

Character Portrait: Flora Mantell

Flora Mantell, located in Blood Lust City

as part of Assassins in Chains

A seductive Vampiress......whose inviting smile, and striking beauty, leads a plenty of men and women into their demented demise.

Character Portrait: Mamimi K.

Mamimi K., located in That real but not real place, the Internet

as part of Random Bits of Thoughts

I'm weird, and a capital D O R K U S! Don't like it? Tough! DORKS WILL RULE THE WORLD ONE DAY!!! *evil anime laugh*

Character Portrait: Nicolette Mar'Vonne

Nicolette Mar'Vonne, located in Tinseltown, USA

as part of A Pin-up Affair.

A Naive Starlet, whose perfect relationship ends up being a bit too boring for her new found taste.........

Character Portrait: Marqx O'Keaves

Marqx O'Keaves, located in Lydia

as part of The Guardians: Love and hatred

A young carefree guard, whose intelligence is often masked by his crude and juvenile humor!

Character Portrait: Giovanna Atte'well

Giovanna Atte'well, located in Kingdom Of Ethieven

as part of Stand and Deliver

This character wasn't good enough for the GM, so just ignore this CS if you're viewing my characters/profile! =P

Character Portrait: Minako Makuda

Minako Makuda, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Rising Sun: Criminal Romance

A girl who loves her father, but is now a walking target thanks to him. She secretly wishes to be free of her family name & all the crimes tied to it, but at the same time can't envision her future without it.