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I've been roleplaying for a while now. I do enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and most anything that has something to do with some form of art. My basic biography isn't too exciting. I've passed through normal life, and basically am still going through normal life. Really nothing exciting.
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Maximum Ride: Rewritten

(Takes place after Book 3 of the Maximum Ride series). Max and the flock are on the run again. But this time things are about to change. The kids have a mission now: To save the world. And by all means necessary, they're getting it done. Watch out Itex.

Maximum Ride: The Hunted

Twenty years have passed, and, with the world still in one piece, Max and her flock are nowhere to be found. Now, a new generation of avian hybrids have risen up and it seems that history will repeat itself. Or will it?

A Game of Thrones: Battle for Westeros

It has been three centuries since Joffery's reign as king, and now Westeros is divided into three main Kingdoms. There's plenty of inner turmoil between the House, and now, slowly, the Houses are beginning to vie for control over Westeros.

The Multiverse: Chaos Ensues

The Multiverse has always existed. The Multiverse has always been. They Multiverse is everywhere. But what happens when it is thrown into chaos? Characters Welcome! (Open, always excepting!)

Angel....or Mutant?

(Open now!) You're a mutant with wings and powers. And now you are on the run. People want you to experiment on and sell for money. You want to live. In the midst of all this, a strange plan comes up that could threaten the existence of humanity...

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Favorite Series (of all sorts, listed as acronyms in no particular order): KH, LoZ, A:TLA and LoK, Batfamily stuff, ASoIaF(GoT), Disney stuff, Skyrim (never played the rest of the Elder Scrolls), DBZ, Sailor Moon, SnK(AoT), many Cartoon Network Cartoons.