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Role playing, wolves, vampire, were wolf, wizard, fantasy, anime
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09 Jul 2009
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I like all RPGs...well most
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Universes Created

The Shadowhunters

Demons, vampires, werewolves and warlocks. They couldn't possibly be real. What if I told you they were. What if I told you people fight them almost every day.

Wild War

Two groups at war vampire and were wolves. Who will win? Limited number of spots. Will wait two days then decide spots.

The devil's children

The devil's children and seven angles are sent to earth. The strange thing is they don't remember who they are.

Breaking free

Humans have known about vampires, shapeshifters demons, mages and angels for a while now. They have impisoned and tortured them. Now they have escaped, what will happen?

The Resistance Against The N.O.

We are the resistance. We stand against the N.O. Will you join us.

The Disease

The Disease. Turning normal people into monsters. There's no cure, no way to stop it. (More Inside) One Male Spot Left!

The Company

People have been gaining abilities. Eight of these people are being hunted by a mysterious group called the company.

Inside the Mind of a Criminal

You work for the behavioural analysis unit, your goal, to stop the criminal using you profiling skills. No characters currently available. Mail me and I may find a character.

The mage's sanctuary

The sanctuary is a place where mages can train with magic and physical fighting (based on skulduggery pleasant books)

The Crimson World

The Denizens are becoming more powerful. More and more are breaking through. They must be stopped. By Flame Haze

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Follow me down the path
I will walk beside you
Guiding and showing you the way
I will not leave you
I will be standing on the path watching you
If you ever feel alone
Close your eyes
You will see 6 sets of foot prints
2 belonging to you, 4 to me
Then you will know that I have not left you

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf...
And the strength of the Wolf is the Pack