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Okay. My name is Flora. I'm 17 years old. I live in England. Sixth form is great! I love
roleplaying, duh! Team Jacob all the way, baby. Tea is my drug. I don't leave the house without
eyeliner on. My friends mean the world to me. :D My boyfriend is my life.
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Imagine That!
England :)
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03 Jan 2009
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Dummm :S
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Realistic & Romance

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Universes Created

The Other Side of New York

What happens when four upper class rebels are thrown into the slums of NYC?

The 25th Hunger Games

Before everything happened in the books, there was the Twenty-Fifth Hunger Games. This time however, there is a huge twist - the tributes have to live together for nine months before the Games themselves. {Literate RPers only, please.}

The Arcana Academy

{Literate Roleplayers only please} What happens when the bad students from Noctrem Academy for those with Supernatural Powers are forced to go to the good Arcana Academy? (OPEN FOR NEW APPLICANTS)

Arcana Academy

{Literate Roleplayers only please} What happens when the students from Noctrem Academy for those with Supernatural Powers are forced to go to Arcana Academy? Noctrem trains their students to be bad, wheras Arcana asks their students to be good.

These Big City Dreams

Literates only, please!

The Secret Asylum

Literate Only Please; The Thirty races of the Netherworld have had their heirs to the thrones poisoned; diseased to be classed as insane. They areall placed in a mental asylum in the South of England, disguised as humans, with minimal powers...

The A-Team: Lost In NYC

What happens when a bunch of upper class young adults are thrown into the slums of New York City? {Advanced!}

All Hallows Eve

A group of eight teenagers are whisked away to another realm on All Hallows Eve, and are morphed into their costumes.

That Friday Night

{Literate people only please ~ Only male spaces remaining} What happens when six people wake up without any memory of the night before, and all they have is a collection of pictures on Facebook to remind them?

Big City Dreams


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Watch my boyfriend's Pokemon nuzlocke challenge on youtube? It'll make us both happy! <3 ~ Cam's Nuzlocke Challenge!