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InakoUchiha » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by InakoUchiha as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Kamael Autman

Kamael Autman, located in San Fransisco

as part of Superhumans Anonymous

"Don't touch me!!"

Character Portrait: Hayden Burr

Hayden Burr, located in Miami, FL

as part of Another Year at Fulton University!

"No, you can't drink yourself to death. Not, without me."

Character Portrait: Brenton Harrison

Brenton Harrison, located in Haven

as part of Legends of Haven

"Just a drop in the ocean."

Character Portrait: Daniel Warren

Daniel Warren, located in Cherry Blossom, Washington

as part of Cherry Blossom's War -Reboot-

I'm no angel, I'm actually a witch.

Character Portrait: Williem Anderson

Williem Anderson, located in Richmond, Virginia

as part of Inside the Mind of a Juvenile

"Sorry, I think, I stole your heart."

Character Portrait: Haley Overland

Haley Overland, located in Los Angeles, California

as part of Hollywood Arts High School

~ just another l.a devote ~

Character Portrait: Samael King

Samael King, located in Altumae High School

as part of The Exchange Program

"I'm sorry, I don't understand that reference."

Character Portrait: Acheron Overland

Acheron Overland, located in Rockwood

as part of Dead and Buried

"Hey, fuck off."

Character Portrait: Ariel Leith

Ariel Leith, located in Elk River, Louisiana

as part of Town of Elk River

"I'm not a guppie!

Character Portrait: Caspian Ozpin

Caspian Ozpin, located in Kyrik

as part of Just A Child's Tale

"We're off to see the Wizard"

Character Portrait: Castiel O'Connor

Castiel O'Connor, located in Smithbrook

as part of Beautiful Lies

"Somebody come get her, she's dancing like a stripper.."

Character Portrait: Michael Shayton

Michael Shayton, located in Violet City

as part of The Superhero Squad

"Why should I apologize for being a monster, when no one had the decency to apologize for making me this way."

Character Portrait: Matthew Summers

Matthew Summers, located in Ravenbrook

as part of The Voice of Nothing

"U-U-Um! Smile!"

Character Portrait: Akari Kasai

Akari Kasai, located in U.A. High, Japan

as part of you can be a hero !

"Names Akari, buuuut you can call me Mom."

Character Portrait: Styxx Rivers

Styxx Rivers, located in DWMA

as part of A New Kishin Is Born

"Gun Mode!!"

Character Portrait: Rayne Ravenwood

Rayne Ravenwood, located in Marbrooke, Maine.

as part of Embracing The Bond

"I'm not very friendly."

Character Portrait: Skylar Axel Hastings

Skylar Axel Hastings, located in Tolerance Camp

as part of Tolerance Camp

"Oh yeah that nerds my sister."

Character Portrait: Finn Dent

Finn Dent, located in Sumray

as part of Sumray Adventure

"Blaze, Flamethrower. Froggles, Watergun NOW!"

Character Portrait: Lyric Overland

Lyric Overland, located in New York

as part of The Return of Gossip Girl: A New Era.

"When life gives you lemons, make limeade."

Character Portrait: Kennedy James

Kennedy James, located in London

as part of Crashing

"Kids, are my joy. They're my favorite."

Character Portrait: Castiel Novak

Castiel Novak, located in United States of America

as part of Blood of the Covenant

"Hey Mr. DJ Come hit the replay."

Character Portrait: Skylar

Skylar, located in Miami, Florida

as part of Maximum Ride: Birds of a Feather

"I'm the baby, that's how it's designed."

Character Portrait: Castiel Novak

Castiel Novak, located in United States of America

as part of Thicker Than Water

"I'm a sexy bastard aren't I?"

Character Portrait: Haley Monroe

Haley Monroe, located in New York City, New York

as part of The Monochromatic Rainbow

"You don't understand, you're not like me."

Character Portrait: Caspian Rockefeller

Caspian Rockefeller, located in Earth

as part of Summer 2017

"Caspian James Rockefeller, you are devastatingly handsome."

Character Portrait: Augustus DiSantos

Augustus DiSantos, located in Manhattan, New York

as part of Christmas With Friends

"I'm not that shy kid anymore, I've changed. Get used to it."

Character Portrait: Castiel Milton

Castiel Milton, located in Yost Academy

as part of The Paint Wars

The way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in.

Character Portrait: Castiel J.M. Lucas

Castiel J.M. Lucas, located in New York City

as part of We Are Overexposed!

"I mean, I guess we can?"

Character Portrait: Ashdun Stone

Ashdun Stone, located in West Palms Academy

as part of High School for the Rich and Famous reboot

"Sorry ladies. My boyfriend needs me."

Character Portrait: Caelum Daniels

Caelum Daniels, located in California

as part of Pitch Perfect

"Wait...what was that?"

Character Portrait: Bryan Carter

Bryan Carter, located in Beverly Hills, California

as part of Welcome To Beverly Hills, 90210

"I don't want them to find out....Promise me they won't?"

Character Portrait: Alexander Durand

Alexander Durand, located in Meilleur Academy, Paris

as part of Meilleur Academy

"Have you met my friend Jack? Jack Daniels?"

Character Portrait: Lucifer Autman-Michaels

Lucifer Autman-Michaels, located in California

as part of Pitch Slapped | A Fight To The Finish

"Hey, instead of saying pray the gay away, I can literally say it runs in my family."

Character Portrait: Bastille Carter

Bastille Carter, located in Paris, France

as part of Meilleur Académie des Arts

"Oops! I'm sorry!" (M.W.I.P)

Character Portrait: Xander Durand

Xander Durand, located in Paris, France

as part of Meilleur Académie des Arts

"Ahh, have you met my dear friend? Jack, Jack Daniels."

Character Portrait: Alecsander Moreno

Alecsander Moreno, located in Columbus, Ohio

as part of Coming Out: The Stories

"Only if you knew..."

Character Portrait: Castiel Adams

Castiel Adams, located in Los Angeles, California

as part of Greenview Heights

"Self pity becomes your oxygen. But you learned to breathe it without a gasp. So, nobody even notices you're hurting."