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Character Portrait: Valek Instrumahs Now I have to live in a game...that's why mom says to not play games all the time...
Character Portrait: Luka Perry Calm down! Breathe in...breathe shut up and leave me alone.
Character Portrait: Sayter Deces Have you heard of me? I've heard of me. Me is pretty scary. Me scares me. You should be scared.
Character Portrait: Valek Instrumahs "You can't make the past go can try to ignore it...but it always comes back."
Character Portrait: William Cipher Jones What am I? I'm a realist. What people think matters, doesn't really matter. So, what are you?
Character Portrait: Casper Casanova (World Destroyer) "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."
Character Portrait: Jackson Jasper "Money. That's the only reason why I entered. Even though Stephen did persuade me a bit."
Character Portrait: Kelly Michaels (Dynasty) "Shut up and listen to me. I don't like insubordination."
Character Portrait: Baradakhus Taber Niler "Will you kill me? Probably not. Will I kill you? Most likely, yes."
Character Portrait: Nahte Caasi Drahcir "I'll barter with you, because I am a man of words, not swords. Even though I will kill you if I have to."
Character Portrait: Quinn Cytozen Carroway "Ugh...organizing chaos is hard. Eh, it's part of the job. I have to do it."
Character Portrait: Tyler The Immortal Power of Success and Survival
Character Portrait: Markah Tomson "If actions are based on thoughts, then what are thoughts based on? Obviously emotions."
Character Portrait: Mack Johnsen "What is wrong with this world!? Holy hell!"
Character Portrait: Shifts "Can't you see? We all change. Everything...shifts!"
Character Portrait: Orlen Igrud "Information has a price. So, I'll give you some info only if you give me some money."
Character Portrait: Maurice Gould "Am I lying? Maybe, maybe not. Then again, my whole life is a lie." WIP
Character Portrait: Scorpius Malfoy "I do not want your money. I want a favour. Or two. Really depends on how bad you want your secret kept."
Character Portrait: Baradakhus Niler "I do not believe in war. I believe in what war brings: Money. I'll fight for a price. You give me money, I'll give you my word that I will fight."