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The Crystal's Ballad Open

Aboard the Eastbound ship they went, seeking a new life - one of fortune, perhaps, or one of glory... maybe even one of safety... but among them travels a dreamer, one who had seen visions of war long forgotten, and the darkness yet to come.

Tales of Runeterra Open

A private League of Legends story between Intricacy and NickenChuggets. All are welcome to read!

The Chosen Of Faerûn Open

You awake, far from the life you knew, in a forest clearing, near a shrine of sorts. Around you, others are stirring, and as you struggle to piece together what happened, the true reality of why you have been brought here begins to unfold.

Our Secret Lives Closed

A group of high school students are thrust into a world of a danger and adventure when the class computer wiz doesn't know who to turn to for help: their efforts could determine the future of their very planet.

Curse Of The Crimson Throne Closed

In the wake of King Eodred's sudden death, a group of adventurers who sought vengeance on a crime lord, find themselves caught in the middle of court intrigue, civil war, and the city's crime world.

My New Housemates Closed

"Attention all students! Tenancies available at Duskleaf House - 6000¥ per week. Food and utilities included. Warm and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. Contact Misaka @0112........"

The New Gatewatch Closed

The Eldrazi threaten to destroy our world... not just our world... all worlds... all planes of existence. They are the single biggest threat to the people of the Multiverse, and they must be stopped, whatever the cost.

1d20: The Wraith King Closed

The island of Asteran is divided into 4 nations harboring a fragile truce, however, the once bountiful fields, now known as the Devil's Hold, have been overrun by dark forces borns in the aftermath of the great war that saw Helrath close its gates to all.

Mind Games: Awakening Closed

When we awoke from our slumber, the world we knew was gone. We were no longer the people we thought we were. Heroes... criminals... It does not matter. When we awoke from our slumber, we became more.

Pokémon: Project Eden Closed

The Devon Corporation have been experimenting on Pokémon for decades. Now, they turn their attention to the humans. Wake up as a pokémon, in an uncharted land, and try to find a way back home.

Oros: The Wenja Trials Closed

Our lives may seem hard, but let us think back to days before records began. For our ancestors, every day was a fight for survival against nature, and against each other. This is the story of the Wenja, 12,000 years ago.

Where Shadows Fall Closed

(WIP) Araland, once a growing kingdom of peace and prosperity, is being ravaged by black magic and dark creatures... Do you have what it takes to stop them?

Epsilon: The Portal Closed

On a wildlife study field trip to a nearby forest, a separated group of students will stumble on a very dangerous mystery.