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I'm a older woman in her late 20's, A wife of 9 years and mother of 3. I started to role-play by post when i was a young teen on Gaia and back then like most newbes I was not all that good to start of with. As I got older my posting got better and I found my self in love with the worlds I could dream up in my mind. After I got married I talked husband to posting when he had to go out of town for work and we still do to this day. After some time role playing I got deep in to a anime call 'Inuyasha' and then started to put my writhing skills to work into fanfiction. I find tho that I miss role playing with other people. So after a year or two I tried to return to Gaia but found it lacking in what I wanted. So here I am and can't wait to get back to one of the things I love to do.
My skills at this time mirror the partner I have at the time, So I can do one liners to full page post's.
29,803 words written.
151 total posts.
197 words per post.
22 posts per roleplay.
11 average days in a roleplay.
7 universes joined.
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Wife and Mother
Anime,Hunting,Fishing,ATV riding, Reading,Fanfiction writing,Gaming,Role Playing.
Began Role Playing:
06 May 1999
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
Inuyasha universe

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Universes Created

Alone With Death

A 1x1 about the being known as death

It's A Dog's Life

A Inuyasha based RP. This will be my first try at a RP on this site. Kagome is turned in to a large black and white dog by a dark Miko. Life is sure a Bitch for Kagome and now she is one too!

The Truth Behind The Shadows

1x1 role play for katisacat and InuYuki

The Shadow Forest

1x1 For InuYuki and Diane_Young

To Be Owned

A 1x1 Role Play

En doresu Yoru Mori

You wake from a deep sleep only to find that you are not where you thought you where when you fell asleep. All around you you see a endless forest that glow's in the moon light.

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