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Stones pushed the glass back to the stranger. A stranger he was starting to think was not entirely what she seemed. "This is not what I thirst for..." He said point blank. The bottle had been rather muddled with the bad attempt to mix the wine with the blood. Maybe a century or two back that would have pleased him. But now. The true hunger came when he opened his maw of rows of razor sharp teeth and clamped it into something living and terrified. Self control just ensured him that he didn't go on a rampage at every second.

Boyle liked the prospect of two allies in their new hunt. Sort of answering the questions to his best abilities. "All mortals besides Feastus. I think they are deluded into thinking they someday he will turn them into vampires. But the shit can never share with anyone else." He warranted. "The most loyal of his followers have been conditioned heavily to feel no pain and to have their minds dulled to fanaticism. He has the gift of Voice and [/b]Gaze[/b] where he can entrance and hypnotize and dominate the will of others. Powerful abilities too... Our initial plan was ripping out his tongue from his mouth at the start of the fight to ensure that wouldn't be too big a problem but even then that would require sneaking up on him."

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Masako Suzuki felt immensely unusual in these heels. In matter of fact despite the various extremely unusual circumstances he was now involved with dressing up as a woman seemed like the tip of the amount of mixed up he was within. Officially he had no legal identity anymore, no records of Masako proving him a legal citizen of Terra existed almost all physical copies destroy in the impending chaos.

The young man might as well been a ghost, which made it even more dangerous what he had done to Section One. Not only did he cost the agency a extremely advanced stealth vessel through that malfunction he had planted abroad causing its destruction but by faking his own death and going beyond these boundaries meant a fried cerebral core if Section One had realized this was more than just an accident. And knowing the most advanced counter terrorist organization within the ranks of one of the most advanced civilizations in the multiverse. . .they WERE going to find out.

The question was not if... but when.

With all tracking hopefully screened from his blood and a great disposal of close to everything he was given in equipment in Section One. . .the young student now had to face this extremely important gambit: the truth. His full disguise was a prestigious member of the press. . . the first national interview with the Taiyou protected and revered Kendra Shaw as it was pitched was coming soon and through a great deal of effort Masako had arrived with the false creditials to be Ms. Shaws interview coach for the coming event.

Masako already knew he was going to go through some extremely heavy security checks hoping the rewired covert tech he had applied upon his person would mask his real gender... and the few bits of mostly plastic equipment that he actually needed. . .

More importantly, he pray his Taiyou was up to par.

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Stone and Boyle felt like they were now starting to get somewhere. It was their job to exterminate this Feastus and the rest of his trouble making cohorts. The invitation of others to join their hunt was not unwelcome.

Boyle did more of the talking. Though Stones gave Ebbrabos a stoic look. Quietly studying the details of her face, her expression, the large man was more animal than vampire. Huge, feral, subdued but ready to pounce at a moment's notice. He tried to read her movements and motions. Trying to get an instinctive feel at what sort of person was joining their dangerous hunt.

"His name IS Feastus. His group of wannabes are called the Sanguine Feast. Typical bunch of psychotic mortals who think because they can murder to make their sad lives feel something that they are on our level." They were not. "We should expect heavy firepower, conventional firearms, automatics, shotguns. Nothing we can't handle."

"But..." Stones interjected.

"I was getting to that!" He snapped back. "BUT... Before Feastus left he had broke into the haven of a very respected and venerated scholar of our community. A scholar who had in their possession a LOT of powerful magic relics. We are not exactly sure what exactly... but we do know most of them date back to the 11th century."