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Ironman11 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Ironman11 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: The Montesquieu Twins

The Montesquieu Twins, located in Sky's Edge

as part of The Multiverse

The Newest Generation to the Korpulu Sector Terran Old Money Family, Aimless Dilettantes with too much spare time.

Character Portrait: Emile Fourneaux

Emile Fourneaux, located in Kapisi

as part of The Multiverse

Genetically Altered Aristocrat and Ace Mech Pilot

Character Portrait: Stone and Boyle

Stone and Boyle, located in Tauvyr Tavern

as part of The Multiverse

A duo of vampires specialized in exterminating their own kind and other entities in the world of darkness.

Character Portrait: The Shadow Stealer

The Shadow Stealer, located in Guildhall Ward

as part of The Multiverse

Wielder of the garment of legacy: The Star Weaved Cloak; This extremely elusive individual has stolen such fortunes that all the remains is larceny for sport.

Character Portrait: Roderick the Baker's Son

Roderick the Baker's Son, located in Goldenbridge Ward

as part of The Multiverse

The firstborn of a humble baker, though not possessing the strength of a great warrior the young man holds great courage and conviction of a hero.

Character Portrait: Sebastian Fllynn

Sebastian Fllynn, located in Skyfall Citadel

as part of The Multiverse

Master Thief, Master Mason, Mastermind - Prominent in all fields in the Citadel of Skyfall

Character Portrait: Identity Theft

Identity Theft, located in Wing City

as part of The Multiverse

A pair of teenage super villains with the ability to possess any form of computer through a pair of high tech cyber suits.

Character Portrait: Kim Guimatao Simangan

Kim Guimatao Simangan, located in Wing City

as part of The Multiverse

Current Head of State of the People's Republic of Manjuin, A former Terran sovereignty that had only survived the utter horror of the glassing by finding solace in the stars.

Character Portrait: Kiyoko Hiyama

Kiyoko Hiyama, located in Wing City

as part of The Multiverse

Party Secretary for the National Front Party of the People's Republic of Manjuin. She currently acts as the number two under the current Party Leader and President Kim Guimatao Simangan. Also a secretly a recovering addict.

Character Portrait: Veronica Cartwright

Veronica Cartwright, located in An Cupla

as part of The Multiverse

Snazzy Dressed Businesswoman, Ruthless Career Criminal.

Character Portrait: Franklin Morris

Franklin Morris, located in An Cupla

as part of The Multiverse

Kilt Wearing Black Guy, Younger Brother of the Morris Brothers.

Character Portrait: Ashley Correa Calhoun

Ashley Correa Calhoun, located in The Whitesun System

as part of The Multiverse

Ex-Special Forces Sergeant, Hired Mercenary Muscle

Character Portrait: Louis Morris

Louis Morris, located in An Cupla

as part of The Multiverse

'Fat Louie', Older Brother of the Morris Brothers and Hard Boiled Leg Breaker.

Character Portrait: Curtis Bennett

Curtis Bennett, located in Eastern Wing City Outskirts

as part of The Multiverse

The Leopard. A legacy Super Villain trying to meet ends meat.

Character Portrait: Zachary Pink

Zachary Pink, located in The Whitesun System

as part of The Multiverse

Rainbow Haired Black Marketer and Petty Smuggler.

Character Portrait: Calvin Phillipe de Richmond

Calvin Phillipe de Richmond, located in Luna Street

as part of The Multiverse

A young man from a several century old family of loyal retainers to a much darker force. It is Calvin's duty to manage day to day activities that can't be bothered by his master as his personal secretary.

Character Portrait: George Youngs

George Youngs, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

"Honey! I'm home!"

Character Portrait: Florence Illes

Florence Illes, located in Valenwood

as part of The Multiverse

Greedy Spirit Medium with a degree in Law.

Character Portrait: Horan

Horan, located in Pandeum

as part of The Gods of Pandeum

God of Feasts, Merriment, Alcohol and Music

Character Portrait: Francis Gilligan

Francis Gilligan, located in Mjötviðr; The Realms

as part of The Multiverse

A medical professional originally from the extremely secluded facility known as "The Center" located within the remains of Atlanta. The nature of his upbringing has made him trapped in fear and paranoia in his own hazmat suit.

Character Portrait: Kalae'loth

Kalae'loth, located in Multiversal Cafe

as part of The Multiverse

Drow Business Partner of Titus Gable. Drow assimilating into modern society.

Character Portrait: Mike Satone

Mike Satone, located in Falkreath Hold

as part of The Multiverse

Deli Owner, Crime Boss

Character Portrait: Heather Musil

Heather Musil, located in Eastern G'ael

as part of The Multiverse

Aerospace Engineer, Taking names and Solving Problems.