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I am JD, GM of Wizard Quest Role Playing Games; Come and check us out at

Join and either start in an existing faction or create a faction with your own players. We have world, continent, area and interior maps which span the original realms our characters live in. Our bestiary describes the people and creatures of our RPG world. For character creation we have a wide array of arcane, elemental and oriented paths; skill sets, and abilities to choose from. Players can even build and submit unique custom characters. Dice are optional and we have two kinds, table top and story line dice.

Our main story line in a nut shell is that; the immortals and artificers are in constant conflict with the mortals and the viscerals (non magic wielders), and kingdoms often rise up against the resident nether-worlders. Meanwhile the rivaling deities meddle in men's affairs as they attempt to control the fates of their own kingdoms and their own destinies.

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Wizard Quest Games (TMK and TBV)
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