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Character Portrait: Derek Anderson A Lean African American 17yrold he stood at 6'0 his outfit consists of a number 34 home basketball jersey he has as white hat with his initial spray-painted in blue,loose blue jeans being held up by a black leather belt. Paranormal Investigator.
Character Portrait: Aaron Samuels He is the descendant of The Afro Samurai, He stands at 6'0 as he consists of a plain white t-shirt and loose blue jeans held up by a black belt. He has his Ancestors legendary Katana inside his belt.
Character Portrait: Yakamoto Yakamoto is a 18 year old Sayian. He stands at 6'1, he weighs 220 lbs, He is very muscular and he wears the traditional Sayain Armor with black leggins and white boots. And he has spikey long blue hair that stops in the middle of his back.
Character Portrait: Brayan Lawerence I'm The Fastest Alchemist That Every Lived!
Character Portrait: Carter Adams A Ordinary African American 16year old Male unitl one day he finds a strange creature named Hyokomon who was a Digimon. He becomes Hyokomon digidestined as he defends the world from evil.
Character Portrait: Jimmie Erving He's a 14 year old African American teenager with Superhuman Intelligence. He stands at 5'5 wears baggy jeans with a oversized Red Hoodie over his his body. He wore goggles ontop of his head as he had a small pouch of tools on his belt.
Character Portrait: Simon Wells A 16 year old African American Teenager that possesses powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities.
Character Portrait: Brayan Lawerence I'm The Fastest Alchemist That Every Lived
Character Portrait: Sean Townsend An 18 Year-Old Superhero *JLA In-Training*