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Completed Stories

The Battle is ON! [Heroes Vs. Villains] Completed

Some want to save the day.. others dare attempt to.. destroy it more?

Universes Created

By the Prickling of my Thumbs

It's a dark midsummer's night in the south. The carnival is rolling into town to the tune of a hellish calliope. The ringmaster broods over a well of souls that powers a merry-go-round. It's running low, the need a pit stop.

A Pirates Life for Me

Join the crew of the infamous "Sea Hawk" as they start their journey that will immortalize them as legends, they will slay beasts of legend, find lost treasures, and face off against the dreaded "Lost fleet of Atlantis!"

In The Shadows of Olympus

Dark forces are stirring, and the long slumbering gods of Olympus have been awoken. Although the sands of Egypt, and the Nordic winds have also uncovered several other immortals. The only problem, they need a host. That's where are story begins...

Betrayed by the Light

Several Heroes are killed by the corruption of society, several of their children take avenging their death into their hands by becoming villains. (More inside)

In the town of Bane

The world is full of lies, creatures of myth or more than myth. They are real, but forced into hiding by a group simply known as the seven blades, or monster hunters. They have made many safe towns where they may live in peace, Bane is one of them.

A Very Silly Yet Diabolical Story

Personsville High school is home to a very unique club. The future dictators of America club. One day at a club meeting the president decided to enlist the help of his cohorts and try to take over the world.

The Fall of Light

Life is a constant battle of good versus evil, but what happens when the "Heroes" become corrupt, and the meanings of Good and Evil are flipped?

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