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JayZeroSnake » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by JayZeroSnake as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Kanro

Kanro, located in Obani Mining Station 22

as part of NextGuard: The Search For High-Den

Tell me what it's like to not know the race you originated from. To have no one you can truly call 'kin.' Do you know what it's like? No? Then shut your Drokkin' Mouth.

Character Portrait: Drake Herminski

Drake Herminski, located in Gigaverse

as part of The Alternates #1: Define Good

Solar Energy based powers do not make me a hippie. Stop calling me a hippie, you blithering idiot.

Character Portrait: Ryan Hylen

Ryan Hylen, located in Noyerville

as part of Schatten

I don't think we're hunting something that we'll need to read the Miranda rights to. but then again, do you guys even use them to begin with?

Character Portrait: Clark Parker

Clark Parker, located in The Nuke Shelter

as part of Secret Underground Shelter of Chaos

We need order. Order will save our asses when we have structure and rules that are followed. Mmmkay?

Character Portrait: Jack McCoy

Jack McCoy, located in Tokyoronto

as part of My Little Brony: Ponies are Real!

Potato Chips~! They've Been Same for a hundred years~, They're Cheap, Quick, N' Tasty~!!

Character Portrait: Ken McFly

Ken McFly, located in Tokyoronto/Pilgrim High

as part of Miss Furinkazan

"She" Likes me? Ooooh GOD!

Character Portrait: Nash

Nash, located in Tokyoronto

as part of Hipster-lander


Character Portrait: Tandem

Tandem, located in Hyboria High

as part of Broman the Jock

The Spoony Bard

Character Portrait: Nash Macleod

Nash Macleod, located in DC Universe

as part of Green Lantern: F4-1L TEAM

To Boldly Go Where Plenty Have Gone Before, And Screw Shit Up...

Character Portrait: Ricky Montoya

Ricky Montoya, located in MedAcre College

as part of College!

My Name is Rick Montoya. You Killed My Dog. Prepare to die.

Character Portrait: Ken McFly

Ken McFly, located in Tokyoronto

as part of Pilgrim High Brawling Jam

Muthafuckin' SPIN KICK!

Character Portrait: Son Goten

Son Goten, located in DBverse

as part of DBZ: Son Goten Vs The Dragon Balls

Waitaminute. What if I did a Rogahameha Fu Fu Ken? :O that'd be TOTES awesome!

Character Portrait: Ken

Ken, located in Somewhere in Ohio or maybe Illinois..

as part of xxXSupernatural Highschool RomanceXxx

That guy who doesn't like the KEWL vampires and doesn't shop at Hot Topic, so he's a VILLAIN! D:

Character Portrait: Jay

Jay, located in Toronto, Canada

as part of Scott Pilgrim Vs The Fans


Character Portrait: Zaiden

Zaiden, located in Rao

as part of Deity Tamer

OH NO!!! I'm out of potato chips! D:

Character Portrait: Ken McFly

Ken McFly, located in Tokyoronto

as part of Creative Combat

I Don't Fight: I Massacre! >:O

Character Portrait: Kenji Fuwakawa

Kenji Fuwakawa, located in Okinawa

as part of Ronin Bancho: An Exchange of Violence

Farewell as you Burn in Hell...

Character Portrait: Kuraaku Araki

Kuraaku Araki, located in Somen Mountain

as part of Zenpou!! Benzaiten Otome-eisho

They say the other camp is full of demons disguised as angels...

Character Portrait: Cleenexe

Cleenexe, located in Compass Kingdoms

as part of Princess Shut In

Oh Hai Sah-Kew-Rah.

Character Portrait: Yor

Yor, located in Yor's World

as part of Yor's World

"We Will Need Alot More Hemp Before We're Through."

Character Portrait: Grant Thompson

Grant Thompson, located in New York

as part of Marvel Spirits: The First Wave

Ionic Energy is so much fun, y'know? Flying around and stuff… shooting energy blasts...

Character Portrait: Grant Thompson, "Young Wonderman"

Grant Thompson, "Young Wonderman", located in Marvel Multiverse: Earth - 353

as part of Marvel Spirits

No. There's no bloody Lasso. Just Ionic Energy.

Character Portrait: Young Sentinel

Young Sentinel, located in Majestic Comics Multiverse

as part of Sentinel Family #1: The Gang's all here!

FOR THE LAST DROKKIN' TIME. Stop. Calling Me. KID QUANTUM. I will nuke you if you do not SHUT UP.

Character Portrait: Jack

Jack, located in Rooms

as part of Psychic Mansion

I can use my telekinesis like shrink wrap. Ooooh Wooo.

Character Portrait: Caesar Alexander Julius Krygsman (Clyde)

Caesar Alexander Julius Krygsman (Clyde), located in Roppongi Tokyo

as part of Tora Gakki: Ai Wo Torimodose

Reikoku Ruubi No Ken (Ruthless Conquerer Fist)

Character Portrait: Ryan

Ryan, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Kaosu No Sekai

Imagine an American Orphan boy being adopted by some nutty Japanese lady who wants me to alternate between calling her 'mommy' and 'big sister.' Imagine that being your fucking life.

Character Portrait: Nathaniel "Nash" Macleod

Nathaniel "Nash" Macleod, located in Spectacle City

as part of Tales Of Wonder

Clearly The Answer is Science. Your Argument is Invalid.

Character Portrait: Ark Charlemagne

Ark Charlemagne, located in Australia

as part of Power Up: Real Life Is Overrated!

"Sorry, Asshole. But If I was a Nerd, Then I wouldn't be hitting back."

Character Portrait: Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)

Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), located in Earth-87

as part of Justice League International: Righteous

Jordan and the rest of the Corps can SUCK IT. I was ALWAYS the BEST!

Character Portrait: Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan, located in Dolores Park, Illinois

as part of Yu Yu Hakusho: A New Beginning

Anybody can be A Warrior. I'm THE Warrior!

Character Portrait: Gordon Tsurugi

Gordon Tsurugi, located in Metro City/Metro High

as part of I Wanna Be All Yours!

Everything is nuts. Somehow. No Exceptions.

Character Portrait: Tlaloc Zeppeli

Tlaloc Zeppeli, located in Costa Rica

as part of X-Men World Tour: The First Stop

My Current's measured in what?...Jigowatts? What the hell's a Jigowatt?!

Character Portrait: Nash Macleod

Nash Macleod, located in Skyrim, Tamriel

as part of Skyrim: 2012

Local Dovahkiin Wannabe

Character Portrait: Ken McFly

Ken McFly, located in Pilgrim High

as part of Snowpocalypse: High School

We All Just Wanna Go home, Ya'Know?

Character Portrait: Eric Rakim

Eric Rakim, located in DtP

as part of Daft The punk

Relax: Any situation can be countered if you don't sweat the technique.

Character Portrait: Jack McCoy

Jack McCoy, located in Ryooshi Island

as part of Brutal Food Chain

We're Stuck here? I'm Sure we'll survive! Waitaminute. This means no Internet or PS3. RAAAAAGE!!!

Character Portrait: Jack McCoy

Jack McCoy, located in Gokugakku

as part of Gokugakku: Cruel Class!!

I guess there's not much time to be youthful left. Let's enjoy these years!

Character Portrait: Headmaster Rucifa

Headmaster Rucifa, located in Gokugakku

as part of Gokugakku: Cruel Class!!


Character Portrait: Jack McCoy

Jack McCoy, located in New York City

as part of Kill To Pay the Bills

Satsujinken No Senshi: The Unarmed Killer

Character Portrait: Stevenson Spike (Lee) The Third

Stevenson Spike (Lee) The Third, located in Gokugakku

as part of Gokugakku: Cruel Class!!

Is it wrong to say I enjoy beating some sense into a hoodlum? It's not like I hate them. They're idiots. But they're MY idiots!

Character Portrait: Jann Lee

Jann Lee, located in Once Upon a time

as part of Multiverse Dragonball


Character Portrait: Rorin Trovato

Rorin Trovato, located in Tokyoronto

as part of Yokai Yakuza

Lvl. 1

Character Portrait: Jack

Jack, located in Nanto City/Taizan Jungle

as part of Isshi Souden

What You Call Impossible, I Call The result of Intense Training.

Character Portrait: Bart

Bart, located in Chen Zhen Academy

as part of Chen Zhen Academy

What does the outside matter, anyway?

Character Portrait: Jay Kujiyuu

Jay Kujiyuu, located in MWF

as part of MWF

You're Already Dead, You Idiot!

Character Portrait: Daft

Daft, located in DtP

as part of Daft The punk

I'll Fight Them. But I won't like it at all...

Character Portrait: Gordon Falco

Gordon Falco, located in Daff College

as part of College Royale: The Assassination Game

One Shot, One Kill. One Weapon At a time...

Character Portrait: Jack

Jack, located in Za Warudo

as part of Choujin Champ'

"Yeah, I'm Kinda the Good Guy. Bare with me, Dude. I'm the Only one who can help right now. -_-"

Character Portrait: Gutsman

Gutsman, located in 20XX

as part of Megaman: Robot Master Wrestling

G-U-T-S!! The Letters of Victory!

Character Portrait: Takuma Araki

Takuma Araki, located in Tokyoronto

as part of My Hero!!


Character Portrait: Kuraaku

Kuraaku, located in Rover City

as part of The Magical Arts

What is this Nonsense about not teaching us the FUS RO DAH?!???

Character Portrait: Jonathan Gillian Krygsman (Jay)

Jonathan Gillian Krygsman (Jay), located in 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi

as part of BlazBlue: Duality Link

Practitioner of The Legendary Assassination Art, Hokuto Shinken, The Divine Fist Of The North Star. He's a Drifter, a Travelver, and most of all, Hero.

Character Portrait: Colonel Brando

Colonel Brando, located in Tokyoronto

as part of Concrete Jungle

Our Objective is to eliminate the enemy, and that is this Weak Government, and the 'Patriots' who chose to fight for it!

Character Portrait: Jack

Jack, located in Tokyoronto

as part of Concrete Jungle

Pew Pew! >:O

Character Portrait: Gordon

Gordon, located in Garou Town

as part of Everything is Mine!

Hey!, I Ain't No "Loser" Choujin! Just Wait Till I Buy Some More Energy Drinks, You Bastard!

Character Portrait: Jay Kujiyuu

Jay Kujiyuu, located in Holiday Manor

as part of Christmas Estate

Merry Christmas!! WATAAAAH~!!

Character Portrait: Ken McFly

Ken McFly, located in Rover City

as part of Active Angel

Uh, That's totally nice of you, but I think I can shoot a couple hoops without you holding my hands.

Character Portrait: Riki-Oh

Riki-Oh, located in Pian

as part of Gypsy Antiques and Uncommon Eatery

And when I'm done laboring for the day, I'll sit down and eat my Ramen.

Character Portrait: Jack McCoy

Jack McCoy, located in Sethar High

as part of Swords and Students

Haha, No. I'm Not The Peaceful Monk here. I'm The 'Kick Your Ass' Kinda Monk.

Character Portrait: Jack

Jack, located in Rover City

as part of Chef-erella

Hey, as long as I get one of these beef things a day, I'm happy!