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JayZeroSnake » Universes

The Alternates #1: Define Good Open

We're not the first Superheroes, nor are we the first adolescent heroes. We're just experimenting with 'justice.'

Kaosu No Sekai Open

You don't go to Tokyo without knowing how crazy things can get. CRAZY LIKE AN ANIME, THAT IS. Because you're stuck in one, now.

NextGuard: The Search For High-Den Open

The Universe's premiere military police force has fallen. And now it's up to the NextGuard Initiative to build a new one from scratch.

Marvel Spirits Open

What happens when inexperienced youngsters gain the powers of more well known characters?

Sentinel Family #1: The Gang's all here! Open

One of the most powerful superheroes in history teams up with old and new friends alike: Even a younger version of himself, to battle one of their greatest enemies!

Anime Characterization Disease Open

Apparently there's now a disease that gives everyday people the features of an anime character. Go figure.

Secret Underground Shelter of Chaos Open

(PLAYERS WELCOME!) So everyone was rushed to the bunkers after a potential nuclear attack came on town. And they'll be there for quite some time. I'm sure nothing could go wrong, right?

Tales Of Wonder Open

Anthromorphic Animals, Heroes and Villains, Robots, Monsters, and Aliens? This sounds like some silly comic book, now doesn't it? You can find all this and more in Spectacle City!

X-Men World Tour: The First Stop Open

Kitty Pryde and Jubilee are off to go all around the world to meet other schools for mutants. First place they're off to is Costa Rica!

Schatten Open

Murders are popping up left and right, taking the attention of a few people, and a police task-force. But the real question is what's causing this?...

Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam! Open

Never Read A Shazam! Comic? No Problem! Welcome to Fawcett City, home of The World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel, and his Shazam Squadron!

Justice League International: Righteous Open

The Big Names Like Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and the rest are all up against Major threats, the rest of the world needing heroes to protect it from everything else. Batman has devised a new team from second string heroes...

I Wanna Be All Yours! Open

Kitty was always performing highly in whatever she did, always to please her parents. Till she fell in (love) with a delinquent who she hopes will show her freedom...

Yor's World Open

Based on a cheesy Sci-Fi Fantasy B-movie Epic. Yor is a hunter from a post apocalyptic future, who tries to use his superior knowledge to lead the tribes into a new civilization, battling evil no matter how ridiculous things get.

Pilgrim High Brawling Jam Open

(Players Wanted!) Modern gladiators, modern drama and plenty of violence. The perfect place to vent your frustrations rather than just be an angsty high school teenager, at the PB&J Federation!

Princess Shut In Open

The One Maiden who DOESN'T Want To Be Rescued. The One Who Befriended Her Dragon Captor. The One Who Wants To Find Her Knight In Shining Armor.

Two Too Different Open

Despite everything, there was a tether that held two people together even though they weren't exactly the same. That tether just happened to be love.

Green Lantern: F4-1L TEAM Open

The Lantern Corps, Of Any Color, Are Major Inhabitants Of the Universe…Then, There's The Guys Who, When Not In Some Major Arc Playing a Minor Role, Are Off Screwing Around in the universe.

Double Gender Jeopardy Open

(PLAYERS WANTED!) Viel High is taking in special students with a special condition as part of the 'Etat Tiers' Project, helping them to adjust to their bodies. Tell me: Do you 'Flicker?'

Hipster-lander Open

(PLAYERS WANTED) They shall do battle to fight over who is the most original Hipster of all, and stop those who have bowed to conformity and the negative path. But you probably never heard of any of this in your life. It's different.

Student Experiment: The Magic Of SCIENCE! Open

(Players Wanted!) And So, I Propose We Use the Students Of This Shitty High School Here, To Conduct Testing…Noooo. It Couldn't Be The Least Bit Dangerous! We're only allowing them to kill each other in the name of research!

Broman the Jock Open

A Parody of Both Conan the Barbarian, and Fantasy/High School/Fantasy High School RP's.

DBZ: Son Goten Vs The Dragon Balls Open

Goten is a Slacker, Warrior, Musician, and Lover. But his whole world changes when he falls for Bra Briefs: And has to conquer the Seven Deadly Black Dragon Balls...

City Kitty Open

Adopting stray cats will result in adventure, mystery, and potential romances. We advise you especially to do this in the big city...

Ronin Bancho: An Exchange of Violence Open

Okinawa shall see the return of swordsmen, martial arts, and adventure, when delinquents spark some chaos!

Zenpou!! Benzaiten Otome-eisho Open

(Players welcome!) Where a girl can learn to become a real woman, practice the trade of being a wife, and train for motherhood, as well as finding a suitable husband… And fear not: there's a place for boys in this RP!

The Long, Radioactive Road Open

(One Girl Needed!) See The World: Even it's been reduced to a wasteland. You're young, but old enough to go out and see what it has left to offer. Just you, three other teens, and a car.

Creative Combat Open

(Players Welcome!) After discovering a mysterious force, Several teens have realized they can gain power, and create things, all by stretching their imagination a bit, and screwing around with this great power every now and then.

My Little Brony: Ponies are Real! Open

(Will Anypony Join?) Bronies In Denial equals Ponies in real life. Can the ponies show a couple lonely boys that friendship is magic?…and maybe more?...

Deity Tamer Open

What do you do when a lazy, adolescent demigod in training won't live up to his family legacy?: Give him a fierce wife!

International Sensations Open

(Players Wanted!) Two famous girls from foreign lands, the boys assigned to help them around, along with a rich, crazy cowgirl, and a bishonen who hate them. What could go wrong?

Skyrim: 2012 Open

Tamriel may have advanced, but they definitely still use magic, put buckets on heads, pickpocket, and get shot in the knee. Welcome to Skyrim!

Ultragene: The Omega Experiment Open

Humans in the future will realize the dangers of mutants: 'Specially when they see you running around, what with you having genetic enhancements, or as we know them, 'superpowers,'

Snowpocalypse: High School Open

You've been snowed in with Jocks turned stormtroopers, LARPers, and other students at high school and must survive this madness. Key word being 'Madness.'

Fiery Friday Night Fury: Puroresu Open

Welcome to Triple F! Where the fights ain't fake, and every blow is real…no staging, no pre-chosen wins, nothing. And maybe a little story both inside, AND outside the ring, with fantastic skills, all to defeat the former champ, and take his belt!

Ponies X Mercs: Fate of two Fandoms Open

(Will Anypony join? what about some mercenaries?! D:) TF2/MLP:FiM Crossover based on various parodies.

Miss Furinkazan Open

Everything changed when that new kid moved in, and started playing a little game of fooling with the hearts of others, the players being any boy or girl that interested her...

My Hero!! Open

Three girls each born under a special star in the sky are destined to marry the first person to save them from danger, and follow them no matter what...

The Magical Arts Open

(PLAYERS WANTED!!) The Majutsu School will blend the powers of Mana with you, to become a mighty wizard, or a witch, a Shaman, Gypsy…you name it!

Concrete Jungle Open

(Psychics Wanted!) Legally get away with killing criminals, owning dangerous weapons, and abusing the law to fit your own selfish needs as a Bounty Hunter! bounties range from Bail jumpers, to mutants and Psychic terrorists!

Swords and Students Open

(Players Needed!) A few Unlikely roleplayers with uncommon character classes must find a way to escape the School building, which is oddly enough, like a real life dungeon. And the magic seems to be getting awful real...

Chef-erella Open

It all started with a girl who met a boy, and the bowl of beef she made for him...

False-licia Open

(Players Wanted!) Felicia Williams is a popular girl, who's really an unpopular guy that messed up an experiment, and has been leading a double life, the one as Felicia enjoying riches, love interests, and a bright future...

Gypsy Antiques and Uncommon Eatery Open

(Players Wanted!) A traveler from afar has arrived, and set up shop in the local area, carrying a secret about her…So, you just gonna sit there, or are you gonna buy something?!

Active Angel Open

(Players Wanted!) There exists a girl whose love for fitness has made her an athletic goddess: however, she is also considered the scariest girl in school for her super-fit body.

Everything is Mine! Open

(One Girl Slot Open!) One Young Lady happens to have the guts to disrespect the law, organize her own military group, and claim the boy she hates most as her man. All this and more, in the quest for World Domination!

Christmas Estate Open

Bring in your favorite OCs/Canons and join friends new and old to spend the month together by the fire, throwing snowballs outside and sharing joy!

Megaman: Robot Master Wrestling Open

The original Robot Masters and new Machines alike have been activated and put into use for combat entertainment, And only ONE can win the champion belt!

Aijuku Case 1: Project Venus Open

(Two Roles Open!) Aijuku is an afterschool study program to adults. To students however, it is the ultimate program for lessons in making romance work: No matter the obstacle!

Kill To Pay the Bills Open

Being an Assassin isn't a life of glamour, mystery, and romance like all that stupid fiction. It does put bread on the table though.

DEAD Closed

Ignore this...

The Forces Of Nature: Total Chaos Open

The Four Elemental warlords have gone to war. Only the wielder of the mystical fifth force of nature can end this conflict.

The Perfect Excuse: The Law Open

(One Girl Needed) A Lonely cop finds a lover in a criminal she has to look after. Only he's unwilling…I'd say a couple tasers and some lovin'll change that?!...

Gokugakku: Cruel Class!! Open

(Teacher slots open!) The School where the most dangerous delinquents are forcibly shipped off to. Gokugakku is revered as a school of great fear and horror. Can you survive its terrible trials?! Probably not...

Brutal Food Chain Open

a small group of lost students must find a way to survive on a dangerous island where strength guarantees survival among bizarre, never before seen animals!

Hearts Together: The Romantic Tag Teams! Open

A New Tag team competition has begun. The main qualification? Your partner has to be your lover.

Henshin!! Princess Kunoichi Kitty Open

A Girl and her sister discovered they're actually alien princesses with superpowers: This calls for some Crimefighting!…And maybe taking advantage of their newfound hotness?!

Multiverse Dragonball Open

In an insane tale of high adventure in a galaxy not so far far away, various characters do battle for one of anime/manga's most popular series' relics: The Dragonballs!

Damsel's Dream Open

Some Girls still just want to find their "Knight in Shining Armor" who will take them into the sunset, towards a happy ending...

The Mary Sue Story Open

When one self-absorbed girl comes to town, she's going to turn L.A. Into only god knows what. Will you be apart of the madness, or will you try to help her become a well written character?

Yokai Yakuza Open

(PLAYERS NEEDED!!!) Human Hitmen, working for a Demonic Mafia. What could be a better combination?


(Slots Open for tryouts!) It may sound like Dracula trying to say 'SWAT,' but it ain't. This is a whole new kinda Special Unit.

The Naruto Occupation Open

After the Arrival of the ninja, it only took them Five days to get the info, train, and overall, get all our weaknesses, and destroy our political powers. Welcome to the world dominated by none other, than Naruto...

Planet E Open

The Planet Where Monsters Roam, Heroes Live, and people with the most bizarre naming system ever to exist have set up civilization. Wield Fantastic powers as you live a life on a strange other world, unlike ours...

Merry Very Undisciplined Mary Open

Mary Kaiser Is a crazy, irresponsible rich woman. Now she's being punished: She has to take care of a baby boy.

I'm Married?! Open

Three College Grads get drunk, and married to some of the weirdest cosplayers ever…

College Royale: The Assassination Game Open

You've heard of that game played on campus, right?

Choujin Champ' Open

Some Heroes are Fantastic. Others Are Superhumans who aren't so super…So forget being something stupid: You're a CHOUJIN, BABY!

Dead Rising: Killin' Is Easy Livin' Open

Forget Frank West and Chuck Greene's bullshit: This is what REALLY happened.

Daft The punk Open

The only way to stop a gang is to get a former delinquent: Daft. One of the best in the business.

MWF Open

This Ain't the WWE…Welcome to The Mega Wrestling Federation! Where Rivals duke it out, Allies tag-team the competition, and love can bloom, even on the mat. Did I mention the diverse species and superpowers they'll be using?

Mazia: The Quest For Conquest Open

The Meta-physical/fictional tale of One Teenager and his friends' dream of conquering a micronation, and one day, the world.

My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch Open

The Ponies are forced to work under humans, after the world goes post apocalyptic. And not just as horses: They're human slaves, too.

On/Off Open

(Co-Creator: Kagerou) There's this one boy who has so much to look forward to: his school's football team, asking out the girl of his dreams, and getting cursed. I'm sure he'll be totally cool about it.

Special Assault School Of Academic Warfare Open

The World's Most Intense Military school, hidden away on a snowy mountain in the harshest of conditions…Are you MAN enough to face it?!

Travel The World, Ferro Essenza!! Open

(Players Needed!) The World is open to you in the name of enjoying life and being able to go to places unseen, if you're willing to travel there yourself. Ferro Essenza knows this! Join him on his travels through the Reborn Earth.

Isshi Souden Open

(City Girl Needed!) Four Boys Are Fighting over Two Things: Their Master's Daughter, and to be the sole successor of this generation, the rule of Isshi Souden!

Society Of The Bizarre Open

A highly secretive organization of special heroes dedicated to fighting crime, battling the nazi's, and stopping Superhuman villains from destroying 1940's Earth.

Super Fandom Wars ZX Open

It's 2025. And The same ole' shows have become very popular in recent years…Enough to spark a Fan War.

You Are Mine Open

A Boy is trapped on a private island by an insane, rich girl. Will he die trying to escape? Or will he give in to her demands?...

Playing Dress Up Open

You're going on a blind date thanks to a dating site. The only thing is that you have to wear cosplay to conceal your identity.

Timeless Feelings Open

In the Far Future, Wars are fought between Mega Corporations, resulting in violence everywhere you go. It is here Love Just may blossom once more...

Ranma JR-ebirth Open

His name is Ranma. It's not the same Ranma as the original story, but he has all the same problems with his friends, crushes, martial arts masters, and his curse...

MetaBacti Open

When A New Form of Evolved Bacteria morphs into a bizarre new species, The only thing that can be done is to start cleaning up, and disinfecting...

Asura Princess: Daughters of Gaia Open

(Roles Open!) Did you know you Get a Beautiful Goddess if you try to summon a War God?…Wait, What?!

Host Auctioning Club: Delinquent's Punishment Open

(Ouran Host Club parody) The Worst kind of Punishment a Boy can face: Being sold to the highest GIRL Bidder, and being forced to do as she says for a whole day: Maybe even longer!

G-Romance Open

Love Any way you like. Human, Neko, contrasting personalities, similar personalities, any combo. What does the G mean? who cares…Let's all fall in love!

Scott Pilgrim Vs The Fans Open

Insert Controller into Port 1 And Press Start.

The Books Are All Wrong! Open

Why are you humans so obsessed with Vampires and Werewolves? It's not just creepy, you depict us in a very racist way, you know!

Casual Mortuus Open

The End really seems like a huge surprise with all these dead folk at first, but then it just becomes a regular part of life...

Chen Zhen Academy Open

Defy Gravity, Harness your Chi, and Much more, as you fight for, or to defy the corrupt School President and his fellow populars in their quest to conquer the school!

Spirit Wars Open

The conflicts of Spirits, Demons, And Humans, The weapon?: Supernatural Power.

Playing House EX Open

A popular girl and a not so popular boy who used to be close friends get drunk at a party. Now they get to play house just like they used to as kids.

The Prince-ss Open

The King is having trouble getting his daughter married due to a disturbing secret. However, when he comes across a tourist that seems to fit the needs to be a king, the royal family is set on a final marriage attempt, even if it means using force...

Dragon Ball: Broly's Story Open

What If Paragus sent Broly to Earth instead of Goku?...What if Goku was the villain?!

Hand of (Lesser) Gods Open

Four Lesser Gods are Prayed to by Four troubled Teens. Each form a contract to help eachother out. In the process, the teens are aided by the powers of these beings. but they'll have to repay the gods later...

American Shinobi Open

(Secondary and evil characters welcome!) Kyoji is a Teenage Ninja. He and his younger sister have escaped the near total genocide of their clan by traveling to New York to meet a friend of their family, and his student.

A Bishie Story Open

( Secondary and villain characters welcome!) Ji-Hyun is a Feminine Boy who is known as his School's 'Top Bishonen.' Little does he know, he's more of a lady than he thinks!

The Console Wars Open

Sony, Nintendo, And Microsoft are at War. But to the big three, they must worry about a new enemy. The OnLive.

Down in Chinatown Open

The Futuristic lives of a few teens living in New Shanghai During World War III, occupied by differing factions fighting over control of China.

A Girl Worth Fighting For Open

(Needs players!) Two Best Friends are in love with the same girl. You can already tell this ain't gonna go well...

Playing House Open

(Two more characters needed) You've Got a Popular Girl And a not so popular guy who used to be friends. Take one party, and some alcohol, and they get to play house just like they did when they were little.

Gou High Open

Gangs have Taken over The School. Now, All One Ninja (Wannabe) Girl And All the Students and Teachers can do now, is Fight Back!

Galaxy Of Romance Open

(Villains' Couple Needed!!)Four Aliens are Sent to Earth with the mission of mating to help continue their species. It won't be easy though. That's for sure.

The Neighborhood Wars Open

Kids and Teens do battle with paintballs guns and the like for control of their town. Which side will win?

The Delinquent Auctioning Club Open

The Worst kind of Punishment a Boy can face: Being sold to the highest GIRL Bidder, and being forced to do as she says for a whole day: Maybe even longer!

Changing Friends: Gender Madness! Open

Remake of the original. When An Experiment goes wrong, a boy's life will never be the same: he can turn into a girl!

Avatar X Street Fighter Open

When a Rift in time and space occurs, two universes will be forced to meet face to face!

Club Infinity: EX Open

(Need More Guys) The Haven for the bullied, the outcasted, and straight up enemies of the self proclaimed 'popular kids.' The party ain't gonna start without you!

Noms Of The Dead Open

Forget Blood: They're out to eat!

Virtus Open

Life's not easy When you're really a being straight out of Mythology. It's even harder when all the other inhuman beings are from other mythologies.

Kyokugenryu Open

Gain Ultimate Power! Have you got what it takes? Are you STRONG enough to handle it?!

Probation, Please! Open

A group of Lady Cops Make a deal that a group of male criminals can go free if they can fall in love with the officers. Wait, WHAT?!

A Mother's Love: Now and Forever Open

When a Teen Mother Loses her baby boy in a bizarre, post apocalyptic future filled with thugs, demons, and monsters, Just How far will she go to save him?

Ghostbusters: Toronto Canada Open

(Spots Open!) Whether it's chasing spooks, or backing up other busters in Paranormal Elimination, the Toronto Team is ready for anything!

Imperial Cosmos: Celestial Conquest Open

Dreams Can Come True. Even Dreams of Ruling the Galaxy

Problem Adults Open

Four Adults with problems plaguing them since childhood haunt them to this day. together, they work to try and end them.

Love You To Death Open

There is a rumor of a girl that stands outside and watches you through your window, desiring a boyfriend. Then she starts killing. But what if she's actually falling in love this time?

Sand N' Swords Open

(Need a Mage!) Four Unlucky tourists are sucked into an adventure they always dreamed of. Only problem is, they have no experience. So?: LEVEL UP!

Temple of Annihilation Open

There exists a School of Assassination disguised as a temple, that trains students in the Art of Killing, alongside normal lessons.

Heart and Dress Open

(Co-Created with Jadedragon66) "Do you have trouble finding love? Or maybe you already have your eyes on someone, but they dont seem to be interested. Well, worries aside, because 'The Happily Ever After Club' can help!

Playing House: For Real Open

(Needs one more boy and one more girl) You've Got a Popular Girl And a not so popular guy who used to be friends. Take one party, and some alcohol, and they get to play house just like they did when they were little.

Minecraft: Virtualcraft Open

The Popular game, Minecraft, has gained a successful remake later in the future, known as Virtual Reality Craft, or V-Craft For Short. What adventures will you carve into the Free Roam, multiplayer world?

Crashdown: The End Open

A Group of Teens in the middle of flight on a plane is caught in a nuclear attack, just somehow surviving. Can they endure the dangers of the wasteland together?...

Transformers: GX Open

A Generation not unlike G1. Autobots, or Decepticons?

Light Fight Open

In the Future, A New Sport has been created with the use of a New Laser weapons system. But at the same time, a War is brewing...

Quantum Diner: Fallout Edition Open

Spin-Off to Quantum Diner. In an Alternate Earth, nuclear war has devastated the Earth. And The Atomic Burger is the only Place in New D.C. to find, not just food, but GOOD food!

Quantum Diner Open

Welcome to the Universe's Best Diner! That's Drifting in space...

Anime Martial Arts Dojo...OF DESTINY! Closed

A School run by an anime fan who has watched and read fighting anime/manga for 168+ hours straight and learned a ton of moves, including Super Saiyan, Spirit Gun, and more!

The Power Of Love Open

Love is a Curious Thing. Makes One Man Weep, the Other Man Sing...

Marvel Vs Capcom: Future of The Worlds Open

The Marvel and Capcom universes, after MVC3, had learned to coexist, with new rivalries, and friendships. However, the endings also left out a chance for new villains...

Street Fighter Academy Open

(Students and Teachers Needed!) The Masters of Fighting have teamed up to pass on their skills to the next generation, in order to protect, or destroy the world.

Bitmageddon Open

Video Games have come to life. Some Will Protect us, And Most will try to Destroy us.

Way Of Japan Open

The Japanese Martial Arts are Going to War to Decide who will be the ultimate Japanese Style, and one day, Fight For the World Title.

Way Of Closed

The Japanese Martial Arts are Going to War to Decide who will be the ultimate Japanese Style, and one day, Fight For the World Title.

Generi-Fighter Open

(Needs Players!) Create your own Street Fighter-esque Character and duke it out with the other characters on the roster!

Highschool of the Dead: The OTHER School Open

In another school, not far from the canon one, are 6 students fighting the undead to live.

Tropicops Open

Welcome to Nothing but surf and 70 Degrees. Even Hawaii needs police.

Mary Sue Madness: Sueland Open

A Random RP Playground to just make a Mary Sue or Gary Stu and let em rip. Also to remind others how NOT to make a character!

InFamous Open

In An Alternate Universe, The Ray Sphere has hit many, and now these people must band together to defeat the ultimate threat: the Beast.

The Critic: Life As We Know it Open

Jay Sherman is Doing Nothing But Packing the Pounds, and Reminding us Movies stink. Soon, his odd old life will get some fulfillment.

Bancho Basara: Delinquency Warriors Open

Clubs and Gangs battle for control. Students and Delinquents Clash, as both Allies and Enemies fight against common foes! Who do you stand by?

Tenjou Tenge: Domination Open

(Needs Players!) Toudou Academy's Clubs are battling for control. Only the Jyuuken Club opposes the Enforcement Group that tries to hold power through terror.

Don't Feel the Same Way Open

A Young man is on the run after a princess has demanded his hand in marriage: And he said no. o.o will he change his mind, or escape?

Toriko: Gourmet Quest Open

(being put into consideration for revival…)

Zairoken Dojo Open

Not Really an RP, but a place to post characters, and have them learn and create moves with other characters.

Lonely Hearts Open

Even 'Geeks' As they're called wanna find love...

Men In Black: Future Open

(Needs Players)To Protect the Rights and Lives of Decent Lifeforms. Above all Organizations. Safeguarding the secrets of the universe from the world, and most popularly, non-existant. We Are, The Men in Black.

Lucifer's Kiss Dating Services Open

When all else fails, visit the 'Lucifer's Kiss' Dating Site. You don't know it, but our trained Demons will possess a Hot body, and do anything. From Dates, Sex, Marriage, and even starting families, they do anything for a small price.

Anime Fighter: Goku Vs Kenshiro EX Open

Ultimate Fighter Parody. What happens when two of the strongest anime characters around start training warriors?

Dragon Ball Journeys Open

An adventure that takes base off of The story that started it all. More Punching, More Adventure, and more than you could ever imagine.

Team Toonami: The Justice League Of Anime Open

The Classic Toonami Characters have joined together to save the world from Evil, and Crappy TV Shows! Will they succeed?!

Delinquency Warriors Open

Delinquents and School Clubs battle it out for Control of Dynasty High! Who will prevail?!

Changing Friends Open

When An Experiment goes wrong, a boy's life will never be the same: he can turn into a girl!

Mortal Kombat: Time of Succession Open

Every Fighter Must Pass on their knowledge to continue their legacy, or become history.

Regular Anime Open

Like Regular Show, but with Anime!

Beelzebub: Chaos Children Open

Baby Beel isn't the only Child destined to destroy humanity....

Toriko Open

In the world of Gourmet Hunters and Chef partners, the quest to hunt, and create the greatest meals and courses possible is neverending!

Vampire: Blessed Hand Open

3 Superhuman Slayers of the Undead, after declaring war on the supernatural, have awakened a much stronger race of demonic beings. Can they stop it, and protect the ones they care about?

Fallout: Vegas Knights Open

The Greatest City after the Nuclear war is about to elect a new leader. One of its canidates, a member of the NCR, is putting together a special team. (Anime pictures allowed.)

Clash of Champions Open

In Hong Kong, 1950, three Athetics associations are battling for control of the world of combat sports. In other words, martial arts.

I'm Not Into That!: Run For it! Closed

Three boys are being chased constantly by three other boys who crossdress, and have special powers! will they escape, or become love slaves!?

My Best Friend is a Chick Open

what happens when an experiment goes wrong? A humorous chain of events, That's What!

Sakigake!! Otokojuku Open

There is a School that even the devil fears. A School that breeds delinquents, wimps, and total failures into Manly Men, who will one day lead the world. Did I mention they're accepting girls these days?

World Of Wuxia Open

The action filled, mystical world of Wandering Warriors and martial arts comes to life In The adventure of a lifetime, where you can discover powerful abilities, friends, love, and adventure around every corner!

Ashura's Daughters: Divine Lovers Open

4 Boys each attempt to summon a God Of War, one for each to gain power, but instead summon the daughter of an Asura! Will they still gain ultimate power, or discover true love?

The Operator: Legend Of The Slender Man Open

He watches you from the shadows. But is all hope really lost, when you band together to fight?...

Power Up: Real Life Is Overrated! Open

You'd be surprised what you can do when you just believe in it.

Bizarre Academy Open

The School For the Supernaturally Gifted. What will you find in the secrets of time? Strength? Love? Whatever it be, you can find it here.

Romance?! Give Me A Break!-EX- Edition Open

The Same as the last one, but with the 5 girls 5 boys slot. The EX is for Exclusive. To Get the girl of your dreams, you have to prove that you're her knight in shining armor!...Are you up to it?!

Romance?! Give Me A Break! Open

To Get the girl of your dreams, you have to prove that you're her knight in shining armor.

Raging Death: Raining Pain Open

Its gone too far: Its time to take revenge on The Evil Supernatural beings for the Fear and Pain they've caused. But do you have the will to fight back?!

Anime Fighter: Team Goku Vs Team Kenshiro Open

A Parody of Ultimate Fighter. Will you join Goku, The Super Saiyan, Or Kenshiro, the Fist Of the North Star, in your quest to join the Super Human Fighting Leagues of Anime World?

Yu Yu Hakusho: Investigator Of the Month! Open

The Spirit World is in need of Detectives to Track down some more Demons. With your power in hand, you join the everlasting struggle to battle Demons.

Final Fight: Metro Academy Open

(Needs Players!) The High School Where Fighting Is Permitted!

Dragon Ball Z: Ki Gladiator Open

The Universe has learned to co-exist. However, with the Z-Fighters' constant battles against evil, the public demands more superhuman combat. Please Assist in giving the public what they want?

Scott Pilgrim: Tenkaichi Tag Team Open

Strongest under the heavens. Fall In Love, Fight People, and Explore Toronto, and just about wherever the wind blows!

Real Power Open

Remember how people used to say stuff like Magic was fake? They thought wrong. ESP, Ki, Everything is Real. Just not Permitted.

King Of Might: Tournament of Power Open

A Fight where ANYONE can join. Your abilities, race, none of that matters here. All that matters is if you can compete. Because if you can compete, you can survive. Fall in Love, Make enemies, forge alliances and much much more...

Because Of Love Open

Two Men fight. One is a Conquerer, hellbent on destroying love. The Other is a man who fights for love. Both Carry Sorrow...

Hollywood: BattleWorlds Open

What happens when The World of movies meets Arena Combat, and other things? You get the ultimate adventure, And sport experience: The BattleWorlds! Brought to you by Hollywood! Keep Watching Movies, Folks!

Hokuto No Ken: Shinseiki Kyuuseishu Open

In a World after nuclear devestation, Ruled By Chaos, Where Sorrow And Madness is rampant, and Love is lost, Only One Weapon Is Dominant in these Crazy Times: Your Fists! Fight for Love, Or Fight For Power! the choice is yours!

Tora Gakki: Ai Wo Torimodose Open

Japan, Modern Day. At a local High School, Delinquents brawl for control. But could they fall in love? Its up to you! Get Power, Or Find your Love! All in Tora Gakki!: Ai Wo Torimodose!

Blood Family: To Love a Vampire Open

What happens when HUMAN Boys get their VAMPIRE Girlfriends teen pregnant?! an adventure to stay alive, of course!

Avatar: Path Of the King Open

What if there was an Avatar to Each Nation? What if the Fire Nation's was a Ruthless Conquerer, Hellbent on proving his power to the world?...

Phantom Semester: Age Before Tiger Closed

"In An Old, Odd, Odd Age, What Will you percieve the future as?" A School in years long ago, with Vampires, Werewolves, Steampunk, Mafia Kids, Vicious Battles Of Fist Against Fist, and most of all: The Search For Love.

Tiger's Semester Closed

Will be Deleted Soon! Join the New One! Japan, Modern Day. At a local High School, Delinquents brawl for control. But could they fall in love?

$.25 Cent Tales Closed

An RP based on the 20's/30's/ and 40's. Pulp Fiction tales, such as the old mafia, Cthulhu, Martians and other aliens, as well as the classic Detective tales, Vigilante heroes, and more, in a world that should have been, but never was....