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I'm currently in high school, class of 2013 :D Let's hope I survive 2012 :P I like to write, and I used to write stories until I realizd I give up on all of them :( So I did roleplaying, that way I have to be committed or I let down people. Speaking of which, I hate people who join my rps and don't post. Jerks...
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Uhh...high school?
Golf, Basketball, writing duh, and...ART-all kinds!
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26 Apr 2002
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The Sims 2, not 3, 3 sucks.
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Anything Horror

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After a group of college students are forced to stay in a small town in the middle of nowhere overnight, they are pulled into a night of terror.(Closed.)

The Challenge: Rush

Twenty new competitors must be paired up with a person of the opposite sex and work together to make it to the end and win the largest prize in Challenge history.

The Challenge: The Lagoon

20 people are broken into teams and must compete for a grand prize of $200,000, the challenges involving extreme physical activity and no rules.(Still Accepting)

Year 2020

It's 2020 and a horrible disease has been released by terrorists all over the world. Only people 20 and under can survive the toxic gas. And all schools are under lockdown...{SEMI_LIT+}

The Blair Witch Project 2011

A group of film students venture into the Black Hills forest where the three students went missing over fifteen years ago to figure out what happened and to maybe meet the Blair Witch.(Will accept one or two more characters. Not much has happened.)

The Challenge: The Reef

Twenty competitors return for a new season of the Challenge where they will face grueling challenges and dangerous battles all to win a grand prize of $500,000. The stakes have never been higher.(Need Characters!)

My Generation 2

We've followed a new group of high school graduates of 2002, to see how they're doing ten years later. We soon find that the high school drama actually followed them to the real world. (Closed)

My Generation

Follows a group of high school graduates of 2001, ten years later, but it's not where they've been, it's where they're going.

The Real World: New Orleans

We're headed to one of the craziest cities for our fifth season of the Real World where eight new people will be put into a house together for three months.(full)

Orem Valley

In the small town of Orem, everything is peaceful, until a virus spreads in the town's water supply. The people who drink it become crazy, angry and savage people who's only thoughts are to kill.(NEED NEW ACTIVE RPERS)

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The below are roleplays that need characters D:

Crash II: The Replacements
A roleplay based on the original "Crash" rp where people crash on a deserted island.
The Root's Rebellion
A fantasy roleplay where the people of Euris rebel against the reigning Nightwalkers.