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I love harry potter, Percy Jackson, 5 seconds of summer, one direction, supernatural (the tv show), theatre, dancing, sports, singing, and I love to add drama to roleplay!!!

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narnia, camp half blood, Hogwarts, in a pineapple under the sea
Roleplay, books, sports, singing, dancing,
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24 Oct 1995
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percy Jackson, harry potter, 5sos,
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fantasy, or sci fi or at hogwarts

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— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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i need a safe place

Alex is a very important shadow hunter back in Idris but she gets sent to the mundane world to train with the lightwoods. Her and jace immediately clash but the lightwoods can tell they have feelings for each other.

truth or dare, Gryffindor style

What will happen,when, you get the marauders and a fellow mischief maker ((who just happens to be a girl)) together to play T or D?

jealous much?

Emma doesn't even like the thought of Draco dancing with another girl, none the less actually seeing it. What happens when you have a player, an angry and jealous girlfriend, and a girl chasing the player to an endless extent (a.k.a. pansy)?

her saviour

Alise need someone to show her that she is worth being loved, that she shouldn't be afraid to fall in love again. She needs a superman, a saviour to save her from herself, from her thoughts and demons. Is the person she is looking for in front of her?

can i really trust you?

Can Jennifer trust the three seemingly giants she meets in the abandoned warehouse or will they just sell her out to the demons hunting her?

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