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Kato member of RPG for 7 years

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Time zone: GMT (UK) GMT+1 in the summer.

Overuser of smileys.
Old fashioned roleplayer.
Enjoys sarcasm.
Prefers small groups or 1 on 1.
PM me for Skype/Discord details.

Things I am currently RPing:

Bleach - Forum - very slowly
Sandbox Medieval Fantasy RP (In the faux Japan section!) - Forum

I am currently not looking for any new RPs, but I'm always happy to meet new potential RP partners so if your interests align with mine feel free to come say hi. :)

About my username:

Kay-to or Kah-to, whatever you feel like. No special reason for choosing this name except that it's short. I kind of regret it now but oh well. XD
23,199 words written.
24 total posts.
967 words per post.
3 posts per roleplay.
50 average days in a roleplay.
8 universes joined.
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Basic Information

United Kingdom.
Wouldn't you like to know? No? Oh well then, suit yourself. :D
History, art, comic books and manga, Japanese culture, nature, politics, games, reading, writing, drawing, debating, comedy, swords, archery, philosophy, martial arts, mythology, research aaaand roleplaying.
Began Role Playing:
0- 0-1997
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Vampire the Masquerade
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
Currently Feudal Japan

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Universes Created

Naruto: Root of All Evil

AU: Ten years before Naruto graduates the academy, former members of Danzo's Root return to Konoha to rid the village of the rotten wood at its heart. 1 on 1, possibly accepting character applications but auditions will be required.

Sengoku Alliance

Private roleplay between SarcasticZombie and Kato. Common enemies forge unlikely allies...

Hakuoki: Oni Monogatari

A 1x1 RP between Kato and Doom, based on the game and anime series Hakuoki. Brief summary: Bakumatsu era, political unrest, Shinsengumi, swordfighting, romance, demons, and trespassing in God's domain...

Onikiri - The Demon Slayers

In 16th Century Japan, a group of demon-slaying warriors from legend are reincarnated to fight the enemies of humanity once again.

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"Schopenhauer was right, wouldn't you say? Life without pain has no meaning. Gentlemen, I wish to give your lives meaning..."