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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Kazi-kazi - Posts

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Re: Children of Dawn

"I'm willing to take any chance demon". Even with a gun at his face, Gen could remain cool. Although, this was turning out to be a whole can of worms, a were-wolf, multiple vampires, and multiple troops were all standing around, ready to strike. Gen had always thought that he'd go down in ...
by Kazi-kazi
on Thu Aug 02, 2007 4:57 am
Forum: Fantasy Roleplay
Topic: Children of Dawn
Replies: 50
Views: 2560

Re: Children of Dawn

Name: goes by many different names, mostly called Gen Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 47 Physical Description: Tall and Muscular, wears sunglasses that have infared, as well as night vision, has long white hair, in a pony-tail, has a long scar along his left cheek, wears full body armor, bullet-proof,...
by Kazi-kazi
on Wed Aug 01, 2007 1:59 am
Forum: Fantasy Roleplay
Topic: Children of Dawn
Replies: 50
Views: 2560

Re: A Bleak Beginning, In A Desolate Future

Anyone mind if I join?
by Kazi-kazi
on Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:42 am
Forum: Futuristic Roleplay
Topic: A Bleak Beginning, In A Desolate Future
Replies: 158
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OOC: sry fer not posting in my RP's lately, been very busy, anyways, i wantd to start a new RP First there was nothingness, then a sliver of light, and the gods were born. These gods quarrelled and fought, untill the final remained, and that god became known as Alrifur. Alrifur sacrificed his godly ...
by Kazi-kazi
on Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:14 am
Forum: Fantasy Roleplay
Topic: Alrifur
Replies: 2
Views: 520

Re: Pirates!

OOC: um, this is kinda my first time, so, i hope no one minds if i goes... Name: Jack Thrustles Age: 38 Rank: Cook Physical Description: short, (3'9) and fat, but very strong. Wears: a chef's hat, white (with plenty of stains) and loosly-fitting brown clothing. short greasy black hair, b...
by Kazi-kazi
on Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:06 am
Forum: Realistic Roleplay
Topic: Pirates!
Replies: 90
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Re: Nogdor's Riddle

The yes-man has no clue ( but will continue saying he does just to keep going), Quasey has spent his entire life locked away, so he is very unsure, leaving Barbie's boyfriend to be the only true knower (since he has been Barbie's boyfriend since 1961, he would know)

The Scott is: Barbie
by Kazi-kazi
on Tue Jul 17, 2007 3:57 am
Forum: The Multiverse (Persistent World)
Topic: Nogdor's Riddle
Replies: 13
Views: 938