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Keen » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Keen as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Ciel

Ciel, located in The Pokémon World

as part of Pokémon Cell

Loud-mouth rocker [Minor WIP]

Character Portrait: Cisera vin Ristra

Cisera vin Ristra, located in Noraneko

as part of Into The Woods

"Were you expecting a pointy hat and an abra kadabra? Sorry to disappoint." WIP

Character Portrait: Yuko Oshiro

Yuko Oshiro, located in Yamasaki

as part of Our Very Average Lives

"Yuko here! At your service."

Character Portrait: Hanako Minami

Hanako Minami, located in The Academy

as part of The Survival Kit Academy || Remaster

"We're all in this together now."

Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier

Rakaya Lavier, located in Kanto Region

as part of Pokémon: Rise of Team Cell

"There's a whole world of possibilities out there so there's no time to waste! Let's go!"

Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier

Rakaya Lavier, located in Pokemon Universe

as part of Pokemon: The Rise of Team Cell

"There's a whole world of possibilities out there so there's no time to waste! Let's go!"

Character Portrait: Airyl

Airyl, located in Heartlia, Gajeel.

as part of Battle of the Guilds

WIP it good!

Character Portrait: Ranya Karimi

Ranya Karimi, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Shattered


Character Portrait: Emery Redwell

Emery Redwell, located in Earth

as part of Nifhelm's Wards

"Suppose I kill demons now." [Minor WIP]

Character Portrait: Dúyè

Dúyè, located in The Academy

as part of The Survival Kit Academy || Mastered

"This whole Academy thing is cute really, suppose it's a nice change of pace though."

Character Portrait: Kris

Kris, located in The Academy

as part of The Survival Kit Academy

"Don't get in my way."

Character Portrait: Aika Vesan

Aika Vesan, located in Ben Avon Heights

as part of Demesne

"It'll work out... I'll do whatever it takes to make sure of that."

Character Portrait: Himeko Itou

Himeko Itou, located in Japan

as part of Astral

"Don't forget to grab a copy of my album before it's all sold out!~"

Character Portrait: Rin

Rin, located in Earth Land

as part of Fairy Tail || The Tales of a New Generation

"Eh? Uh, hold on, just a few more pages."

Character Portrait: Yasuna Ueda

Yasuna Ueda, located in Boarding school

as part of The Resurrection Game

"If you need anything at all just ask, alright?"

Character Portrait: Haruka Minami

Haruka Minami, located in Nakamura

as part of Life is a Highway

"You don't know me at all."

Character Portrait: Satomi Okada

Satomi Okada, located in Life

as part of First Kiss

"I'm pretty much good-for-nothing... But I guess I'm still pretty happy."

Character Portrait: Kana Iwasaki

Kana Iwasaki, located in Kinomoto, Japan

as part of Persona: Halcyon Days

Smiley goofball of the JSO.

Character Portrait: Sae Azuma

Sae Azuma, located in Yōkai world

as part of The Kurokawa Inn

"Need a hand?"

Character Portrait: Suzu Sohma

Suzu Sohma, located in Japan

as part of Fruits Basket: Hyde and Seek

"Just gimme a sec, I need to finish this battle."

Character Portrait: Himeko Itou

Himeko Itou, located in Japan

as part of Celestial

"Don't forget to grab a copy of my album before it's all sold out!~"

Character Portrait: Shizuka Kimura

Shizuka Kimura, located in Homurahara Occult and Horror Clubroom

as part of Onigokko

"I should've stayed home."

Character Portrait: Aki Sohma

Aki Sohma, located in Japan

as part of Furuba!! Gen X

"Do you need something? If not, please leave me alone." Minor WIP

Character Portrait: Tegan

Tegan, located in Akida, Japan

as part of Familiar

"Another new day full of the unknowable and uncertain! How exciting."

Character Portrait: Kotone Motosuwa

Kotone Motosuwa, located in Fujinomiya

as part of Friends of the Yokai

"Why don't we take a moment and eat together?"

Character Portrait: Atsuko Inoue

Atsuko Inoue, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Inland

"I am committed to protecting this place no matter who or what threatens it."

Character Portrait: Sae Nakamura

Sae Nakamura, located in Quarantize City

as part of A Secret World

"Happy to help."

Character Portrait: Erin Moore

Erin Moore, located in Angel Academy

as part of Dark Descendants: Worries of a Black Son

"Cheer up! It's a brand new day."

Character Portrait: Erin Lavier

Erin Lavier, located in Kolbs Academy For The Unique

as part of Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique'

"I'm an ally of justice ya know, so be good, okay?"

Character Portrait: Erin Conahey

Erin Conahey, located in Supernatural Academy

as part of Academy for the Supernatural

"Call me Rin... N' if ya need anything don't be afraid to ask." WIP

Character Portrait: Amara Satou

Amara Satou, located in West Avenue

as part of Knight Cafe

"Couldn't you find someone else to do that?"

Character Portrait: Sae Azuma

Sae Azuma, located in The Club's Room

as part of The Celestial Circle

"I'd advise you not to mess with my friends." Partial WIP

Character Portrait: Ciel Lavier

Ciel Lavier, located in Future Earth

as part of Project EVO: Athena's Children

"I wish things would just go back to the way they were..."

Character Portrait: Kaori Iwakami

Kaori Iwakami, located in Sayumi City, Japan

as part of The Broken Ritual

"I'm a real life super-hero! This is awesome!"

Character Portrait: Chie Ansel

Chie Ansel, located in Paris, France

as part of Cafe of Thieves

"You need something? I'm a little busy here."

Character Portrait: Rin Kamiya

Rin Kamiya, located in Village in the Forest

as part of Of the Forest

"I'm not going back, so please let me stay here."

Character Portrait: Haruka Okada

Haruka Okada, located in Uta Academy ; Japan

as part of Uta Academy

"... Um, w-what is it?..." Work In Progress!

Character Portrait: Emiri Akito

Emiri Akito, located in Outside the City: Cliff

as part of Do you know how the Season changes?

"There's so much to see out there! You should experience everything you can before your time ends."

Character Portrait: Akiyuki Satou

Akiyuki Satou, located in Misaki Creek Academy

as part of Misaki Creek Academy| An All Boys Academy

"Don't mind me... Uh, unless you need something I guess."

Character Portrait: Mairu Tamura

Mairu Tamura, located in Dream World: Tayles

as part of Shin Megami Tensei Persona: Dreamless Nights

"Hey there! What can I do for ya?"

Character Portrait: Rakaya Stage

Rakaya Stage, located in Esterview Academy

as part of Esterview Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

"They said 'Be yourself!', so here I am."

Character Portrait: Rakaya Duskwell

Rakaya Duskwell, located in Soria

as part of The Legend of Soria: The Sacred Swords

"This place needs a good old fashioned hero and I intend to deliver."

Character Portrait: Satomi Uchimura

Satomi Uchimura, located in Hyogo, Japan

as part of Class 2-A

"Leave it to me!"

Character Portrait: Erin Stage

Erin Stage, located in Nova Scotia

as part of Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia...

"Does this mean I have to wear clothes around the house now?"

Character Portrait: Rin Azuma

Rin Azuma, located in Universe of the four god

as part of Reviving the Gods

"What should I wear today?~"

Character Portrait: Yuki Kurosawa

Yuki Kurosawa, located in Inaba

as part of Persona: A Secret Kept

"Will life ever change? Or is this that unchangeable thing called fate?"

Character Portrait: Rosona Harper

Rosona Harper, located in Terra Magus

as part of Divine Intervention: A Fantasy Adventure

Young scholar and amateur mage [WIP]

Character Portrait: Akiko Morioka

Akiko Morioka, located in Earth

as part of Magi

Character Portrait: Harumi Itou

Harumi Itou, located in Kohari Village ; Japan

as part of Kohari War

Work In Progress!

Character Portrait: Kyouko Tamae

Kyouko Tamae, located in Japan

as part of The Video.

"A defender of justice? That might be a bit much, I just hate assholes."

Character Portrait: Ruki Takigawa

Ruki Takigawa, located in Jinjirou High School

as part of Amnesia Love-Struck

"Keep pressing on, don't let them see you down and out."

Character Portrait: Rin

Rin, located in Fiore

as part of Fairy Tail | New Beginnings

"Eh? Uh, hold on, just a few more pages."

Character Portrait: Akiyuki Nakahara

Akiyuki Nakahara, located in Yokokawa

as part of Your Wish is My Command

"Cheer up! It's another beautiful day."

Character Portrait: Haruka Tamae

Haruka Tamae, located in Okayama

as part of Bound to Fate

"N-No! I'm not crying!" (Mostly complete)

Character Portrait: Ayumi Yamato

Ayumi Yamato, located in Hybrid Foster

as part of Hybrid Foster: Another start

"I'm pretty much good-for-nothing but... I'll try my best."

Character Portrait: Makoto Kawada

Makoto Kawada, located in Setogiwa

as part of Fleeting Moments

"People are much cuter when they smile, so quit frowning."

Character Portrait: Kaede Akiyama

Kaede Akiyama, located in Japan

as part of Onmyōdō

The unwilling protector

Character Portrait: Kiku Tamae

Kiku Tamae, located in New York

as part of Biotek Virus

Work In Progress!

Character Portrait: Oriane Vipond

Oriane Vipond, located in Underlands

as part of Camelot V2.0.1

Work in Progress!~

Character Portrait: Makoto Kitamura

Makoto Kitamura, located in Clarkton

as part of New Start

"I dun really care where you're from! Just uh, don't stab me, k?" WIP~

Character Portrait: Emilia Davenport

Emilia Davenport, located in The Family Home, Oakfield

as part of The Davenport Family

"Ugh, it's so boring being stuck here!"

Character Portrait: Yuki Gotou

Yuki Gotou, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Android: Emotions

"Don't mess with my sister."

Character Portrait: Makoto Yoshida

Makoto Yoshida, located in Seihou Gakuenn-High school

as part of Love Strum

Work In Progress!

Character Portrait: Haruka Iwakami / Ra

Haruka Iwakami / Ra, located in Kreon

as part of Kreon

"Well, since we're stuck here... May as well try to have some fun, right?" Work in Progress!~ Gettin' close!