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Enchantedly Charmed Open

Werewolves and Witches meet under strange circumstances, unknowingly become tangled in each others destinies...

New York: The City That Never Sleeps Open

New York! The city of dreams and fame. What would you give up to make it big?

A World of Magic - The Marauder Era Open

We all know the story of Harry Potter and his friends... but what about their parents? Lets find out!

Life--Or Something Like It--After Hogwarts Open

One year after the defeat of Voldemort, a new threat begins to appear... (AU).

You Know You Love Me! ~ XOXO, Gossip Girl. Closed

This RP focuses on the story of Gossip Girl. Original characters are welcome, but the main characters are also needed. Takes place after the main group has graduated from Highschool and it is the first day of summer.