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i'm a huge fan of almost every anime i try to watch so i love to roleplay esipcally since i hate when most stories end i lov playin as my fav characters and think wat their thinkin
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I love reading manga,watching anime, roleplaying, also reading books, having movie afternoons with friends and Figure Skating
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09 Feb 2008
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Well i made a rp called Dimesional
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Fantasy, Anime, Adventure

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Split Me

You've lived your life as a orphan you go to school with kids your own age you might even be in a club but when you look in the mirror do you see you?

Legion Of Superheroes: A New Era

The battle of Braniac has been and gone. Many years have past since the legion won. Though after brainy left, Things went from Winning to Lossing very quickly.

C.S.I. Teens

What you think us teens can't solve a murder and bring in the baddy think again

C.S.I. Teenageers

What u think us teens can't solve a murder and bring in the baddy think again

I'm Not Sick

If your parents thought you went insane after going missing for months what would they do, now they don't have to choose there's a hospital for that.

Shadow High

Welcome to Shadow High, where nothing is as it seems, even what seems not to be is.

The good witch of the west

I'm talking about the anime and manga not the one from the wizard of oz

Standing up for what u belive in

What happens to the girl who always says no to dates....easy she meets the boy of her dreams but can't be with him

Soul Eater:Half Breed

Welcome back to the DWMA, everything is hunky dory except 3 witches have infiltrated the Academy, why you might ask well I guess you could say there's a angel amongst us

Welcome to Karneval!

Welcome to Circus Airship 3. The responsibility of protection has been passed on to this crew. Good Luck!

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There are forks in the road
What will you choose
How while you fight back in such ways.