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I am a humanoid from the United Kingdom, my name is Kasienda (call me Kasey or Kiri),I was adopted from Russia at six years old, and I'm a 100% natural redhead. I speak Russian, English, Spanish, some brief Latin, Italian, and I am trying to learn German now. My dream is to work within the United Nations environmental agencies. For now I'm working toward a Bachelors degree in Biology and Biochemistry. I'm not on as much as I hope to be because of my adopting my 3 year old niece Avalynn, and my job and studies. When I am on I enjoy roleplay fantastical worlds and fantasy situations as well as sci-fi and realistic fiction. Please don't hesitate to send me a message.
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My body is in England, but my heart is in that body as well.
Student and part-time vet assistant
reading, writing, photography, biology, languages, roleplay, photography, traveling.
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11 Feb 2010
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I don't really have a favorite.
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Anime, Medieval Fantasy, futuristic

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