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The Ultimate Organization III Completed

My name is Nason Valkoven, I was a starman aboard the Sorillian vessel Turn Turtle. I thought hell would be an inferno. Now I know it is a desert. It is New Year's day and I find myself wondering: who else is buried beneath these sands?

The Ultimate Organization IV Completed

This is no longer the age of heroes. This is no longer the age of Knights in shining armour. This is the age of warfare, of soldiers and mystery men lurking in the shadows. This is a new world. A cruel world. And we have no business in it.

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My Daddy Death

[OPEN] When 8 children get caught in a series of strange events, what will happen when they find out their father is actually the Grim Reaper?

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Takai laughed boisterously at the peoples hatred.

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A long silence fell over the group of cultists and cowboys. Seru squinted at the cultist before turning around fully to face them and hesitating a brief Rockian moment. Deals on the Rock were...rocky. It was normal to expect betrayal and even death. Seru had witnessed her first betrayal a long time ago, among the desert sands in the cool of the night, where her father lay dead and cold beneath her.

Yet a gloved hand reached out to the cultist and the woman nodded, "Ya got yerselves a deal."

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"Heroic, you say?" A loud voice boomed from the crowd. Takai had leapt down from the wall and parted the sea of people around him as he sauntered graciously toward Yuwen Fortune and the stage that had piqued his interest, "Well, there are none more heroic than I, The Noble Shaming Arrow of Flaming Lae Ming Wae!"

Audible murmurs sounded from the crowd. A notorious criminal was here in Poyo. He grinned at the assembled group, "I shall join you."

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Books danced around them as Caithe contemplated what to do next. It was a hard decision, but she would try to save them all eventually, "As much as I would like to punch Malkini in his traitor face and get the Murshlatan back, I think perhaps that can wait until last. After all, while we're dabbling in Seed territory I think it would be best kept in safe hands...not exactly trustworthy, but safe nonetheless."

She frowned, choosing between friends was something she didn't want to do, "As for Bella and Nulix...well, Nulix seems to be good at talking his way out of sticky situations. If it turns for the worse, Bellatrix is a great fighter. They should be alright for now...I sincerely hope."

"I'm worried about Wing and Xane," she continued, "They can hardly stand up, which is exactly why Mellodia and Darius were going to help them. If Darius cant even get out of whatever trouble those two are in, it cant be good."

The bookkeeper paused for a minute, noisy rustling of moving pages filling the silence, "I don't believe we'll be able to help Xane and Wing alone anymore. Perhaps it would be best to assist Darius and Mellodia first...their situation is the most mysterious."

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In the cool of the evening, beneath the fireworks and the stars, a row of tents formed a neat line on the outskirts of town, each resting against the riverbank like multicoloured soldiers. Many of them hung paper lanterns of yellow, orange, red and pink to illuminate the wooden signage that read the names of each temporary business. Sweeping across the line of tents was a man in long, blue ornate robes, unguarded and confident. He passed Silken Skin Massage, Miss Fei’s, Byeonsu Magic Cures and NOT Fireworks, until he met eye-to-eye with a small, unassuming purple tent, barely lit with pink lanterns on either side of the door. The sign below one of the lanterns read: Fortune Teller Wu Woon.

As the elegant stranger entered the tent his eyes would meet a mysterious figure dressed in all black. A sly grin formed his moustached face, “You must be the infamous teller of fortune!”

Wu Woon said nothing, his face completely covered by a large straw hat. He sat on the other side of a table that held atop an ordinary teapot and two ordinary teacups. Strange light formed swirling shadows on the inside of the tent, forcing the newcomer to glance once or twice around himself until Wu gestured to the empty wooden chair with a gloved hand. The moustached man’s lip twitched, clearly a nobleman out of his depth, but did as the mysterious figure suggested and sat, being sure to tuck in his silken robes gracefully. He attempted to peer into the darkness at Wu’s face but could see nothing but shadows and an outline of a beard.

“Name?” Woon suddenly asked.

“Lord Yuxuan Fu!”

The gloved hands began to move toward the teapot, where a small ribbon of steam wafted from the thin spout of the pot. As if choreographed the fortune teller lifted it carefully and paused. Yuxuan watched on in nervous anticipation until Wu released the tension between them and began to pour hot liquid into each cup. A simple green tea. He waited for the fortune teller to place the pot down and gesture to drink. Both of them lifted a cup to their lips and drank hurriedly, leaving remnants of tea leaves behind. Yuxuan looked down at his cup nervously.

“You want to know the future, my Lord,” Wu Woon smiled beneath his guise, “A man true to superstition.”

Yuxuan’s eyes shot up in surprise, “Yes! Yes! I hear you are one of the best!” He shoved his cup into Wu’s hands, “Please, tell my fortune!”

“Ahh…” the fortune teller spun the cup in his fingers, rotating it a clean eight times clockwise, and then another eight anti-clockwise, all the while Lord Yuxuan Fu looked on in an almost fevered impatience, “Aahh, yes, I see now!”

“What do you see?!”

“I see you…”


“Yes, yes, you…” Wu Woon muttered mysticly, “Naked.”

Yuxuan frowned, “...Naked?”

“Naked and ashamed!”

There was a pregnant pause. The two men stared at each other blankly until Wu Woon suddenly stood and flipped the table over, forcing Yuxuan to stumble backwards and fall onto his backside. The teapot and cups crashed into pieces on the floor.

“ dare you! HELP! SOMEONE HE-” Lord Yuxuan Fu’s yelps were cut short when a bow and arrow pointed directly into his face, and glaring from under the large brimmed straw hat was none other than Takai, The Noble Shaming Arrow of Flaming Lae Ming Wae. “Y-You!” the nobleman sputtered, backing up as quickly as he could, “I know you! You’re that criminal!”

“I beg to differ, sir,” Takai spat, stepping on the man’s robes to stop his movement, “I hear you’ve been extorting money. Raising land taxes so high that some of these businesses have no choice but to go into debt or leave-”

“Lies!” the man cried out desperately, “All lies!!”

The Beast-Man scoffed, “Oh I’m sure, but unfortunately for you I made a promise that I intend to keep.”

A scuffle was had, one I dare not repeat. Two figures emerged from the tent afterward, the first a man in a dragon mask, shrugging off a black robe, straw hat and gloves before melting into the lively streets of Poyo. The second man, Lord Yuxuan Fu, emerged from the tent stark naked save for a loincloth, gagged and tied by his ankles and wrists, hopping along the bank of the Gan River as onlookers stared at him in amused horror. And that was that.


The Golden Peach Inn was bursting with customers that night, a crowd so large and loud that the man in the mask had to squeeze through groups of drunk patrons in order to reach one of the waitresses holding a tray of empty cups. “Ruo!” he shouted, but it wasn’t until a hairy hand tapped her on the shoulder did she hear him, “Ruo, it’s done. Come quick!”

She gasped and threw the tray of cups onto a table before following him into the crowd. By the entrance a commotion could be heard, bouts of laughter and drunken shouting that followed into the street. Takai took off his mask, convinced he wouldn’t be caught on Emperor Day, and proudly gazed at his handiwork. Poor naked Lord Yuxuan Fu hopped hopelessly down the street, his embarrassed shouts for assistance muffled by the gag. People watched and laughed at the scene.

“Well, he’s not very popular, is he?” Takai grinned at Ruo who whooped and clapped beside him, black hair bobbing as she joined in on the festivity. She grinned back, “Are you kidding? He’s the worst! All of the businesses on this street hate him for stealing our money! He’ll get no love here.”

The Beast-Man mused, adding, “This won't solve your problem, though.”

“Maybe not,” Ruo shrugged, “But maybe he’ll be so embarrassed that he’ll never show his face here again. Maybe he’ll move to Tengala. It’s something of vengeance, so let me enjoy it, monkey.”

“And you won't hand me in to the guards anymore?” he asked.

“A deal is a deal.”