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Koda member of RPG for years

Bio: I'm a weird ass girl so just PM me and you'll find out relatively quick..

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Probably in my room, I never leave.
I like to teach young ones how to play their chosen instruments, like piano or trumpet. I guess you can say I'm a young musician, or music teacher to be precise.
Music, Gaming, Skateboarding, and i just wiped mustard on my white shorts niceeee.
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30 Jan 2007
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Final Fantasy
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Favorite Setting:
Somewhere realistic

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Wolf Hail 2

Same description, but a RPG about wolves that have to live their life by finding a mate, forming a pack and have pups. you DO NOT need to join the first one, or read the description (recommended though).


OPEN.You are released in the big apple known as New York, your objective is to survive and live as a stray cat.

Cheetah Chase

Be a cheetah, hunt like one, live like one.

Life in Horse Stables

Anyone can join! Play as a horse or trainer, experience your and other's imagination!

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Kodi Bell

Wanna hang out?
Character Portrait: Kodi Swan

Kodi Swan

Looking for love
Character Portrait: Kodi


I can't help it...I have to