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The Greater Good? Open

A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

A Greater Good? CLOSED Closed

Appoligies, we had an error on the computer which made us think it hadn't posted.

For the Greater Good? CLOSED! Closed

Due to an error on the computer we have accidently posted three roleplays. We are trying to sort this! There is one remaining which is open for you to join!

The Exiled Open

It’s early 15th Century…But not on Earth. On Earth it’s the 20th Century. But on a world that exists parallel to Earth it’s the late Middle Ages. It’s the time of crossbows, the time of longbows and a time of peril on the world of Hermiant.

Another day will come... Open

In our world where nothing makes sense anymore. It’s not all it seems to be. This isn’t our world. It hasn’t been for a long time.

Secrets at Château de Chenonceau. Open

Noble families have gathered from across France to unite their children in the sacred oath of marriage. But, darker things lay on the horizon than being married to someone that one does not love.