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"That's a strange bargain for a Non-Dimitrois wolf to be asking of a Dimitrois and last I checked, the packs were still at war. And besides, I'm not hurt. It's someone else's blood."

Common concern, Shamus thought, generally easy enough to shoot down. Though naturally it was a tad more believable when here wasn't war casualties lying all about. "Aye, well pardon my civility. We Saffron don't like playin' politics you see."

As she went on to brag about her own theivery, the Saffron was already skeptical. Why would she be traveling with a bunch of Dimitrios soldiers...if she had just stolen jewelry? Perhaps they had been returning from a raid on another pack? Unlikely, but Shamus didn't want to spend too much time mincing words. He was already trying to dig himself out of a hole after being caught redpawed helping himself to her valuables.

"That's pretty lucky haul, I'd's a shame good luck can't keep up all the time, ain't it?" Shamus responded wistfully, again referencing the ambush. If she responded favorably, perhaps he could start threading this conversation the right way. The setting sun was putting him on an uncomfortably short timer.

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Nova had to admit that he was glad for once to be blind, he didn't think he would be able to keep from blushing if he saw the faces that went along with his friends' teasing. Good thing that Ausi had thick fur. He had to admit, this was not the first time that he had thought about the shewolves that they had brought up since they had been separated, especially Cerise. Her idealism had been, well, entrancing in more ways than one.

The attention from Ash hadn't been bad either. It was hard to not want more of it, even after she had tried to kill all of them. Very Wolfio and Howliet.

Luckily, his suggestion from the sounds of it had turned out to be such a colossal failure in the form of that scrawny fire wolf that the others had let the subject change.

"Are you hearing this? Are you sure we can't do better than this guy?"

Yeah, he sounded like a real dork.

"Well if the guards are female, you fellas would probably be behind me trying to flirt with them," Nova couldn't help but joke, even if it may come at his own expense. It wasn't like he had a more serious alternative after that first idea was a bust. He thought for a moment.

The way he thought of it, they had three options: Force, deception, or stealth. Force, though it would likely be part of any plan to some extent, didn't seem like something they could rely on solely. There was simply too few of them. As for deception, that spaz Chaz was their only ticket and more like a worthless stub at that. Only likely to get them in if the guards were even blinder than him and stone drunk. That left stealth. That would normally be his specialty, in fact it was 90% of what he had been trained to do as a scout, even if recent events had left him a bit rusty.

And indeed, his recent forceful transition to a life without light was not as big of a drawback as it may appear on the surface. When it came to stealth, vision was a remarkably second class sense. They eye were incredibly limited in what they could actually see when a wolf was trying to sneak around and about. In order to peer around an obstacle, an entire huge head had to be exposed just to get the eyes in position, whereas relying on hearing and smell one could remain completely invisible. That wasn't to say sight was useless, but the more Nova thought about it the more he began to think it was feasible to go without. And wouldn't he have three extra sets from the others to cover him anyway?

"But before we have to sink to that, we could try sneaking in. We are a small group, so going by force ain't going to work, and with all the rebel activity going on, they will be too suspicious for deception to succeed," Nova reasoned. "I still know a few things about going unseen, with any luck I think we could sneak our way in."

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Augue & Amarok

"Pup, don't ever do that again. You could have got yourself killed." Augue says as he and Amarok round the corner. Looking up and seeing Ezekiel and the others. "Ezekiel my old friend. Keeping an eye on the pups are we? The meeting go that bad? Sorry I missed it. Getting harder to get away. They've stepped up our patrols. But I have news. This shadow pup confirmed, my daughter is alive and inside the palace. As far as we can tell she is not a prisoner and I don't think Prometheus suspects her to have ties to us. We have to get to her. I can't loss her again. Don't know what the plan is but I'm going back in to get her even if I have to go alone." Well Augue talks Amarok gives a slight I'm sorry look to Mydnyte. She walks over to him with her head down and tail between her legs. In a low ashamed voice, "Sorry I wondered off again. I stuck to the shadows and wasn't seen. But I miss Vesta and we hadn't seen or heard from her since she ran off. I had to look for her. Don't think she knew I was there. She said some stuff that scared me so I ran till I found him and hid in his shadow. Think I scared him when I stepped out once it was safe to." Augue heard that and gave her a quick sideways glare. Amarok then walks off and lays on the floor near Tiberius. She brings out her two shadow wolves and makes them play fight on a near by wall as she watches with an almost longing look.