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KumoriRyuu » Universes

Assassin's Pledge: Reborn Abandoned

The original story of Assassin's Pledge, at last retold and expanded after over 12 years of rocky development.

The Last Dragon Abandoned

With Dragon Slayers and would-be "hunters" crawling out of the woodwork to claim her bounty, the last female Dragon seeks sanctuary in the fabled World Cradle. But can she find it in time?

Veilbrand: The Revolution Abandoned

For 12 years Veilbrand has suffered the wrath, indignation, and neglect of the most despicable and deplorable human being alive. Can the rag tag Revolutionaries reclaim their homeland and rebuild to prosperity? Or is it all too far gone?

Chronicles of Cre' Est Open

The continent of Cre' Est has come a long way since the day of its founding. This RP is an experiment in chronicling some of the major historical events which helped shape how the continent and five nations came to be.

Assassin's Pledge: Ragnarok Pending Closure

The secret is out, and a nation-wide war has begun between forces in the shadows. Now without a creed, Te'i Sai's wrath and cruelty know no bounds. Now caught between two nightmares brought to life, how will you survive?

Dragon Ball: The Saiyans Abandoned

A look into the world of the Saiyan race through the lense of realism and science.

Assassin's Pledge: Revolution Pending Closure

The Revolution in Veilbrand reaches new heights as the Red-Eyed Demon chooses a side and takes to the field. But can even this legendary Assassin turn the tide enough to change the course of history?

Divinity Unbound Abandoned

The Dragon Goddess slumbers as the reanimated corpse of Her son, Maglissos, is rejuvenated by forbidden magics which siphon the life energy of the Dragon Race. Can our heroes save the Dragons and wake the Goddess before it's too late?

Assassin's Pledge: Awakening Abandoned

The Red-Eyed Demon stalks the landscape of Cre' Est in his hunt to survive the last remnants of Te'i Sai. Along the way he will chance to meet people who will change his life forever.

Red Strings Of Fate? Closed

Can the Red Strings Of Fate save three nations on the brink of war? Or will they guide them to ruin?

Assassin's Pledge: IF?! Pending Closure

Can the Red-Eyed Demon and her new friends and school mates save the school from the street gang known as Te'i Sai?

The Saiyans: Unlimited Closed

The Saiyans have been hindered by natural biological limitations for too long. Now a brave group of pioneers in science attempt to remove those limits, but it is the products of their experiments who may yet pay the price for their innovation...

The Last Of Us: Deception Closed

In a world now dominated by a deadly infection, those who survive must force themselves to trust each other... Or die.

Pokémon: Legends Untold Pending Closure

New Pokémon Legends arise. Will your story be one of them?

Shingeki No Kyojin: Resurgence Closed

When the world is overrun by Titans, what can humanity do to survive and thrive in ever increasingly desperate situations?

Voyage Beyond Closed

An interstellar colonization quest goes awry when the Colonization Vessel Orion suddenly encounters a galactic storm.

Dragonball: Kyūkyoku Closed

A group of mismatched warriors must travel the universe and battle evils the likes of which they've never encountered before to protect the mystical Dragon Balls.

Pokémon: Dangerous Lives Closed

An adventure with unlike any before where the anime/manga child friendly atmosphere is entirely absent and replaced by dark and emotionally distressing realism. Come aboard for a roller coaster ride of emotion!

DB: Limitless Closed

An odyssey of power focused around the adventures of a group of mismatched warriors who must face and overcome innumerable challenges together or perish without a trace

Dragon Ball: Limitless Closed

A group of Saiyans will discover a power unlike any before, continually breaching limits never before encountered by their race... What will they discover? You'll have to get involved to find out!

Kaiju Apocalypse Closed

The world is now dominated by Kaiju, and humanity is on its last legs trying to survive. With less than 12% of the human race still alive, is there anything that can be done? Or all we all doomed to this fate?

Pokémon: Nightmare's Breath Closed

The world of Pokemon is now darker and more cruel than you have ever seen it before. In a world where Team Rocket's lethality leads to the deaths of Pokemon and human alike, only the best of the best survive and thrive as Pokemon Trainers.

Attack On Titan: Resurgence Closed

The Titans disappeared from the face of the earth late in the year 855, and humanity has been recovering slowly but surely. However, their recovery may come to a sudden and rather violent end very soon.

Pokémon: Worlds Unfurled Closed

In the vast and dangerous world of Pokémon, it will be up to a new generation of heroes to quell the threat posed to the world by Team Rocket.

An Assassin's Pledge: Natural Selection Closed

Locked in a never ending battle between two super powers of the night, the Red-Eyed Demon must battle his way to freedom and redemption in this epic tale of tragedy and triumph.

Life Untold Closed

The most realistic MMORPG ever created has a dark and horrifying reality awaiting it just around the corner...

Assassin's Pledge: Demon's Conquest Closed

In a world of untold violence and intrigue, the hands of fate guide the souls of a select few to fight alongside a Demon made flesh to save the world they know and love from oblivion and chaos.

Tales of the Dragoon Closed

An ancient warrior known as a Dragoon returns to the Mortal Realm corrupted and beyond reason. Can the newly awakened Dragoons put a stop to his rampage?

Pokémon: Darkness Unbound Closed

Pokémon are being tortured and turned into heartless war machines for the sake of "the greater good." Can you stand by and watch?

Legends of Auxereilla Closed

In a world of mistrust and hatred forged by greed and ignorance, a small band of mismatched heroes and warriors must set aside their differences to save the world they love.

Dragon's Revenge Closed

In a world where Dragons are forced to live as humans, can they regain their birthright before they are caught in a horrific war which could spell the end of the Dragon species forever?

A.R.B.A.L.E.S.T Closed

A new drama is unfolding on Earth involving angels, demons, and a host of other strange phenomenon. But which is more dangerous? That? Or life as a high school student?

Fire Emblem: Chaos Reborn Closed

The land of Tellius is about to be thrown into Chaos, and the Gods are nowhere to be found. What can come of this but tragedy and despair?

Full Metal Panic! Annihilation Closed

In a world where the battlefield is dominated by robots ripped from the pages of science fiction, chaos reigns supreme as Mithril battles desperately to keep the world in balance.

Pokémon: Legends of Old Closed

In a world where Legends meet reality, can the Legendary Pokémon, assisted by a handful of very special individuals, survive the coming darkness?

Ace Combat: Generations Closed

War engulfs the world, but what is the true agenda at play? The more perceptive on both sides are beginning to realize that something is wrong behind the scenes.

Pokémon Closed

An all new adventure in the world of Pokémon.

Pokémon: The Original Kanto Experience Closed

An all new adventure in an old school setting, the Pokémon Trainers of Pallet Town will embark on a journey to save their world from the evils of Team Rocket. But are they enough?

Halo: SPARTAN Odyssey Closed

The Human-Covenant War has ended, but only on paper it would seem. In a galaxy bombarded by betrayal and violence, can even the mighty SPARTANs survive the impending journey through oblivion?

Dragons of Liyana Closed

The world of Dragons has long been lost to time, yet the unfolding of events retelling of ancient evils threatens the existence of all who draw breath in this world.

Immortal Apocalypse Closed

A war which threatens both the world of mortals and immortals is about to begin. Will you have what it takes to survive and conquer?

Pokémon: Legends Closed

Two young would-be trainers challenge the world of Pokémon, but does success or failure await them?

Assassin's Pledge: A Demon's Journey Closed

Join in and follow the tale of the Red-Eyed Demon as he takes up a fight of unfathomable proportions against the most powerful Assassin organizations in the world. Do you have what it takes to survive this journey against evil?

Fateful Romance: Bonds Beyond Blood Closed

A princess and a commoner form an unlikely bond and are thrust into a world of ever evolving danger and intrigue. But will their feelings help or hinder their future together as they fight to survive? Only time will tell.

Fire Emblem: Nightfall Closed

The kingdom of Ylisse is once again on the verge of war with its neighbor Plegia, and signs are coming in left and right that something more sinister is working behind the scenes, but what is it?

FMP: Fate of Mithril Closed

Mithril has weakened since the events of 2005 in Hong Kong and now struggles to keep both itself and the rest of the world alive and in tact in the face of the every expanding power of Amalgam and other terrorist organizations.

Fateful Romance Closed

A princess and a commoner's lives intersect at the most inopportune moment, the princess's wedding day. What will become of Valkyom when hell breaks loose and the princess disappears? Nobody dares guess.

An Assassin's Pledge Closed

On the continent of Cre' Est, a war between Assassins has broken out and is now threatening to destroy the hard earned peace won by the five nations.

Ghost Warriors Closed

An elite unit of multicultural experts in combat and stealth must work together to destroy some of the world's most powerful drug kingpins, organized crime, and terrorist leaders.

Dragon Riders: Rebirth Closed

Dragon Riders have long been a dying breed, but with escalating tensions between nations and new and powerful evils rising to shatter the peace the Riders are needed once more. Are you of the Chosen?

Pokémon: Back to the Beginning Closed

Pokemon returns to its roots in an adventure starting from the beginning of the franchise in Pallet Town

Predators: Prey of the Universe Closed

Hunters, or the hunted? You decide!

Etherea: Dragons Tale Closed

In a world of ever growing evil, the Chosen must rise to combat the darkness of an ancient being with seemingly endless power.

Halo: Reclamation Closed

Unova Prime is lost to us. How far will you go to get it back?

Saiyan Soul Closed

The world is changing, but is still as small as ever. Will the arrival of a new enemy open the path to the Universe?

Etherea Closed

In a world of ever growing evil, the Chosen must rise to combat the darkness of an ancient being with seemingly endless power.

Ace Combat: Darkened Skies Closed

At the end of what was thought to be a lasting peace, Osea and Yuktobania are at war once again. (Still need new characters)

Halo: The SPARTAN V Project Closed

The war with the Covenant has since come to an end, but the SPARTANs are far from done with active duty. As space exploration and colonization continues, multiple threats, both new and old, rise to stand in the way of humanity's expansion.

Dragons of Eden Closed

(Full) With the rise of a mad Emperor, the Dragons have disappeared from the world in force. Will anything be able to bring them back? Or will this war engulf the world so completely that Dragons will disappear for all eternity?

The Dohvin Tree Closed

((Desperately needs new players!!)) The World Tree is dying, and all the world is descending into chaos. Are there still heroes left who will be able to stand and fight to prevent the promised apocalypse of legends?

For What is Family? Closed

A young warrior named Kiyoshi is sucked into a world of deception and greed as he fights to protect his family and his country against the evils that now threaten his home

Full Metal Panic!: Nightmare's Beginning Closed

((Looking for new players!)) Amalgam has grown bolder in recent months... but Gaea Team is now in place to stop them and assist in Mithril's SRT efforts!

Fire Emblem: Scorched Earth Closed

A group of friends and enemies alike must fight to survive the war engulfing their homeland.

Predator: Universe's End Closed

The life of a Yautja is never easy. Do you have what it takes to survive this harsh universe?

Dragons Closed

In a world where Dragons and humans once lived in peace, corruption and greed have forced the Dragons into solitude. Will they ever return?

Aliens: Plight of Eos Closed

On the planet of LV-339, known as Eos, Aliens are running amok and the problem must be brought under control or the planet is lost forever

Ace Combat: Heaven's Limits Closed

The story of four ace pilots in the Osean Air Defense Force and the struggles they faced during the "Nether War" which took place in 2012 during the Post Circum-Pacific War time period.

Full Metal Panic: Evening's Glow Closed

Based on the popular manga and anime series written by Shoji Gatoh.

Assassin's Pledge: War of Attrition Completed

The Assassins of Te'i Sai have begun to move, and the land is drenched in blood. Do you have what it takes to survive this epic battle of stealth, power and deceit?

Predator: Threat to Honor Closed

Hunters from an alien world are suddenly thrust into the most dangerous Hunt of their lives as they struggle to maintain order and discover the truth behind the change of a planet which was once a prime hunting ground

Dragons of Etherea Closed

War threatens to engulf the world and the Dragons, long thought to have disappeared, are reappearing to punish those who bring war and destruction to their world

A Princess's Dream Closed

This role play is private so please do not join

Mar' Valoah Revolution Closed

A ruthless dictator has taken a once prosperous continent and run it into the ground. The people live in poverty and fear, and the freedom fighters have an uphill battle to fight now. But can they succeed alone?

Predator: It Is Darkest Before Dawn Closed

(Accepting new characters) In the war against a crime syndicate in Central America, a covert team of warriors must infiltrate their establishment without being targeted by the invisible Demon that haunts the facility.

Godzilla: Into the Inferno Closed

(Accepting new characters) As the world advances, new monsters begin to appear and the King of the Monsters is nowhere to be found. What is humanity to do when it's greatest ally is being subdued by the United World Monster Defense Agency?

Assassin's Pledge Completed

Balance and Corruption conflict with the turning of a new era as the Assassin once known as the Red-Eyed Demon leads a band of unlikely heroes into the yet untold future of a continent and all its people.