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I'm French, English, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Native American Indian, German, Spanish,
Scottish, Taino Indian, Lenape Indian, Chinese, and that's it I think, but I believe there's probably many nationalities along my bloodline.

I have a fondness for cats, as I own two Blue Lynx Point Ragdolls.

On the other hand, I love drawing, and wherever I go I always have a journal in my hand if I think of something neat. Art is one of my favorite subjects; and thus, I've been drawing since age 2, and now wound my way up to drawing anime and fantasy settings.

Sometimes landscape and nature, and well, I like to draw the Eiffel Tower.
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Somewhere in this universe. Perhaps check Mars.
A country-obsessed student.
Generally I prefer to read manga, but occasionally I will read large chapter books (Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, etc.) and fairytales. I love France, and I keep pestering my mum to let me go there, as well as the Nordic countries. As a side note, I will not verify my gender. I am vague like that.
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I honestly don't know.
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Nabari No Ou: The New Shinrabanshou

(You don't have to know about Nabari No Ou to join.) Miharu recently banished the Shinrabanshou out of his mind, but unfortunately, a different user has been granted with this downtrodden power.

The Shadow Dimension

The Shadow Dimension; where only a couple are picked and a couple will survive.

Felis Silvestris

Felis Silvestris, felines, or whichever name you wish to call these creatures, aren't as adorable as you think.

The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Japanese mythological creatures, appearing in the modern world, but there's a legend that follows with these creatures: but most of these creatures live in the same neighborhood. So does the foolish, selfish Kudagitsune.

Hetalia! Academy for the Countries

An academy for the countries, what could possibly go wrong? Many things. That's a definite answer. [CLOSED!]

There's A Cat On My Porch!

Private Roleplay between ReaperGirl4, Chloe de Luca, and KuruLesperance! c:

Kokon High School Academy of SA

An "oh-so-ordinary" looking school, on the edge of a cherry blossom forest. It's very beautiful on the outside, a very elite-looking school. It's way different on the inside.

Academy!Hetalia: The School for Countries

Secrets, school, the usual, except with nations and well, who knows when a cold war will suddenly begin between two countries? At this school, you should expect the unpredictable. Kol, kol, kol.

Cata Sophia Home for the Mentally Disturbed

Is your child hallucinating? Is your child cutting him or herself? Has he/she attempted suicide? Bring your troubled kid to Cata Sophia, we offer the best!

Skin to Fur: A New World?

Humans have slowly been developing fur, from specific types of animals. Some have ears of an animal, and others have fully transformed. A group of humans want to hunt down and kill these species.

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