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KuruLesperance » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by KuruLesperance as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: North and South Dakota

North and South Dakota, located in Somewhere on Earth in a Meetinghouse!

as part of Cities, States and a Micronation!?

"Look. A bee." "Dude, North! Where is it?!"

Character Portrait: California [Cody R. White]

California [Cody R. White], located in Somewhere on Earth in a Meetinghouse!

as part of Cities, States and a Micronation!?

"The jewels! My precious babies! The star needs them!"

Character Portrait: Hawaii (Kaiolohia L. Alohilani)

Hawaii (Kaiolohia L. Alohilani), located in Somewhere on Earth in a Meetinghouse!

as part of Cities, States and a Micronation!?

"Come on, be more mature. It isn't that bad of a situation, sweetheart."

Character Portrait: Adalwulf Claus Schröder

Adalwulf Claus Schröder, located in Cata Sophia Home, England

as part of Cata Sophia Home for the Mentally Disturbed

"M-May I ask that you please do not touch me, ne?"

Character Portrait: Pierre Cesaire de La Fontaine

Pierre Cesaire de La Fontaine, located in New Haven, Michigan

as part of New Haven: Home for the Broken

"Bonjour. Wait, ah! No! I want to stay in control, please?"

Character Portrait: Noah Lucas Locklear

Noah Lucas Locklear, located in Earth

as part of Going Through The Motions

"Is it just me, or are you cold as well?"

Character Portrait: Argentina (Diego C. Gonzalez-Ramirez)

Argentina (Diego C. Gonzalez-Ramirez), located in The Haunted Mansion

as part of HetaOni: The New Beginning

"Let's just relax and have some dulce de leche, si?"

Character Portrait: Benjamin Benoît de Sauveterre

Benjamin Benoît de Sauveterre, located in Earth

as part of Your Lucid Wings

"....W-Wait. Am I supposed to say something?"

Character Portrait: Matvei Czernobog Kozlovsky

Matvei Czernobog Kozlovsky, located in Cityville

as part of Forbidden Fruits

"You saw nothing! N-O-T-H-I-N-G."

Character Portrait: Karu Nyazawa

Karu Nyazawa, located in Tokyo

as part of A different kind of Stray

Judging is for the inferior, the incompetent. I know this because I know plenty who have been judged without getting known; I am one of them.

Character Portrait: California (Cody R. White)

California (Cody R. White), located in The Mansion

as part of HetaOni

"That is so pretty. You should get it! I'll get it for you! Credit card please."

Character Portrait: Diego Jose Fuentes-Gonzalez

Diego Jose Fuentes-Gonzalez, located in Brungerey

as part of From Cat to Neko

"I can still accept you for what you are now, but this will be slightly awkward. My worst thought is having to teach them how to dress, oh my lord."

Character Portrait: Yoite Ji Yong

Yoite Ji Yong, located in Canada

as part of There's A Cat On My Porch!

"Are you serious?"

Character Portrait: Ichigo Ko-ko Wakahisa

Ichigo Ko-ko Wakahisa, located in Death Wepon Meieter Academy

as part of Soul Eater: Kishin Of Hate

"What is feared should not; but yet, it should be understood."

Character Portrait: Koios Amphiōn Goodliffe

Koios Amphiōn Goodliffe, located in Arentia

as part of Assassin Family

"Sarcasm and intellectual jokes, I find utterly hilarious, for example, asking someone if they're as bright as Alpha Centauri!"

Character Portrait: Arthur Kirkland (Britain)

Arthur Kirkland (Britain), located in United States of America; Maine

as part of Academy!Hetalia: The School for Countries

Flying Mint Bunny? Oh, I'm so glad you've come.

Character Portrait: Hyo-Kyo Lee

Hyo-Kyo Lee, located in In the town

as part of The course of true love...

"I can't get it to work! IT WON'T WO- oh. Eheheh, I knew that."

Character Portrait: Ennosuke "Cuddles" Fukumitsu

Ennosuke "Cuddles" Fukumitsu, located in The Real World

as part of Lets get right to the point: Secrets

"Hey, hey you! M-May have I hug? Pretty please?"

Character Portrait: Cruz José Carlos-Bermúdez

Cruz José Carlos-Bermúdez, located in Earth

as part of Soul Eater: Resonance Tales

"Si? Perdoname pero? Ah, sorry. I unintentionally go into Spanish, se."

Character Portrait: "Mad" Circus Van der Woodsen

"Mad" Circus Van der Woodsen, located in Dorm 1

as part of Psy Prep

"I'm not insane. Dear, I think you're the insane one, aha!"

Character Portrait: Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie, located in Furawatun

as part of My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

"What is this magic?! I don't even-"

Character Portrait: Aerican Empire (Erica D. Williams)

Aerican Empire (Erica D. Williams), located in Somewhere on Earth in a Meetinghouse!

as part of Cities, States and a Micronation!?

"W-Want to roleplay w-with me? Y-You can be the d-dragon and I'll be the p-princess!"