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Completed Stories

Haunting's of the Supernatural Completed

There's normal everyday school and students. Then there's Mist Valley. A high school with a lot of secrets. The last Senior class graduated after just barely seeing disturbances and supernatural occurances. What will this years class find?

Universes Created

For the Love of the Sea

Four friends get an unexpected suprise when a storm rolls in the night before. (FULL!!!!)

Home for Strays

Many cruel people abandon there dogs and cats on streets or in the woods. You're one of these poor souls abandon and mistreated. That's when you stumble on a place called "Home."

Odd Werewolves

An awkward werewolf pack and its rituals for every full moon that comes. (Need Males)

On the Next Moon

Both man and dog have evolved as centuries have gone by. Still unknown to man is that dogs may have surpassed man in there own way.

Pet Resort

Neko and Inu are here at fancy resort waiting. ( 1 human boys)

The Abandon Breed

When humans over run the world all the creatures of the hidden world need a safe place to be.

The Change: The Town of Killian

A change that may cause you to either go completely crazed or make you better.

Modern Anima

Anima's are people who are gifted with animal spirits in old times it was common. Now in modern times its a rare trait that is shunned.

The Springs

Spring Water is an amazing place where all natural hot spring flourish with amazing waters to replenish the body and soul. A place where many come miles around and they aren't just humans either.

Pet Resort: Neko and Inu

Neko and Inu are here at fancy resort waiting for human companionship and maybe some romance




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