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Lazyscreename » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Lazyscreename as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Ezvaria Raznatorb

Ezvaria Raznatorb, located in Leafletown

as part of Fusion Fantasy Neo

Vicious Qualvartonian Bounty Hunter who considers bystanders as obstacles

Character Portrait: Zeebarl "Weasel Eyes" Jorlinstone

Zeebarl "Weasel Eyes" Jorlinstone, located in World of Amtophia

as part of Abandoned in Amtophia Rebooted

"Good evening my friend, what can this humble merchant interest you in today?"

Character Portrait: Benjamin 'Ben' Lupei

Benjamin 'Ben' Lupei, located in Elanya city

as part of The Demon Bureau

An absent-minded human with a pet hellhound named Princess.

Character Portrait: Biwa

Biwa, located in Winterber Inn. Why yes, we're open.

as part of Winterburg Inn

An ancient roaming Onikuma trained in the ways of Iaido.

Character Portrait: Quox

Quox, located in Office of Security for Government Center

as part of The Multiverse

..............................!?! - Quox's view on littering (Adopted Character)

Character Portrait: Robert 'Rob' Q. Ashdown (Switchblade)

Robert 'Rob' Q. Ashdown (Switchblade), located in Marvel Universe

as part of X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite

"I'm sick of all these Pewmans walking around like they own the place, and act like we mutants are scum!"

Character Portrait: Xanthodont JR. Horde

Xanthodont JR. Horde, located in The Graveyard

as part of The Multiverse

The unholy clone race wandering the multiverse for the answers behind existence and hopefully something of the entertaining type, yes?

Character Portrait: 'Qwerty' aka Experiment 'Sludgepile'

'Qwerty' aka Experiment 'Sludgepile', located in Phyrexian Grassland

as part of The Garden: An Arcadian Boneyard

The manic, battle-hungry, extra-gluttunous, senient pile of Plasmophlemge

Character Portrait: Alan Umpton (The Grand Blaster)

Alan Umpton (The Grand Blaster), located in Dusk Haven

as part of No One's Hero

"I'll show you what's hip!"

Character Portrait: Queltin Rumpleton XIV

Queltin Rumpleton XIV, located in Death

as part of Death's Corner

"Prepare for a humiliatingly one-sided defeat, you little whelp!"

Character Portrait: Professor Qasim Rivera

Professor Qasim Rivera, located in Earth Year 4023

as part of System Error

"Hopless you say? I beg to differ, it is merely improbable!"

Character Portrait: Reginald Underton

Reginald Underton, located in Apocalyptic

as part of Broken Rights

"Best to help those less fortunate than oneself. After all, they could return the favor one day."

Character Portrait: Delivery-lady Rebecca

Delivery-lady Rebecca, located in Terra

as part of Aceteria - Collapse of the Spirit

"The Post never stops. The Post is eternal."

Character Portrait: Wiesel Uring

Wiesel Uring, located in Kingdom of Alras

as part of Fire, Death, Pinetrees

A former 'noble' turned to homicidal bandit.

Character Portrait: Connor Harper

Connor Harper, located in 2192

as part of Resistance 2192

"Just because I respect your opinion, doesn't mean I like it. It's just too much hassle to do anything about that."

Character Portrait: Skurge

Skurge, located in Future Earth, much that once was is lost.

as part of Let's take over the world!

"Skurge want more weapons. If Skurge has more weapons, Skurge can kill more and more! Skurge loves killing."

Character Portrait: Jacinto Inigo Riverti

Jacinto Inigo Riverti, located in Europe

as part of D. Gray-Man: Innocent Blood

"We're surrounded by akuma? Ha! All the better to kill the brainless scum then!"

Character Portrait: Quentin Jones AKA Paper-Head

Quentin Jones AKA Paper-Head, located in Inlight City

as part of Genesis: The Secret Annihilation Team

"First thing you must know about me, is that I am a level-headed indivi- MONKEYS PUNCHING PANCAKE PEANUTS OVERCOATS! -dual"

Character Portrait: Karvilus 'Karv' Leafgrinder

Karvilus 'Karv' Leafgrinder, located in Continent of Drevair

as part of Gods of Drevair

"Some fight for honour, others fight for glory, and a few fight for loved ones. I fight for women and alcohol."