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Light_of_the_Fallen member of RPG for 10 years

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I'm just a really helpful person.

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Cute things, Homestuck, and Monty Python.
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05 Jun 2007
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Persona 3 and 4
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Completed Stories

The Knights Completed

The Knights are the defenders of the Sora System, a galactic republic that has expanded and conquered throughout its history. You are the Knight Elite, the best of the best, but, with enemies around every corner, even the best can be brought down.

The Ultimate Organization III Completed

My name is Nason Valkoven, I was a starman aboard the Sorillian vessel Turn Turtle. I thought hell would be an inferno. Now I know it is a desert. It is New Year's day and I find myself wondering: who else is buried beneath these sands?

The Great Guild Fortune Completed

"What makes a great guild? Fortune? No. Power? No. Glory? Not necessarily. Its the friends you gain, the adventures you have together, and the memories you make along the way."

The Ultimate Organization IV Completed

This is no longer the age of heroes. This is no longer the age of Knights in shining armour. This is the age of warfare, of soldiers and mystery men lurking in the shadows. This is a new world. A cruel world. And we have no business in it.

Universes Created

Paradice International Academy

High school is a whirlwind of emotions and faces, a wondrous time where friends are made and memories are created, enough to last a lifetime.




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