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I'm just a really helpful person.
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Cute things, Homestuck, and Monty Python.
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The Knights are the defenders of the Sora System, a galactic republic that has expanded and conquered throughout its history. You are the Knight Elite, the best of the best, but, with enemies around every corner, even the best can be brought down.

The Ultimate Organization III Completed

My name is Nason Valkoven, I was a starman aboard the Sorillian vessel Turn Turtle. I thought hell would be an inferno. Now I know it is a desert. It is New Year's day and I find myself wondering: who else is buried beneath these sands?

The Great Guild Fortune (2014) Completed

"What makes a great guild? Fortune? No. Power? No. Glory? Not necessarily. Its the friends you gain, the adventures you have together, and the memories you make along the way."

The Ultimate Organization IV Completed

This is no longer the age of heroes. This is no longer the age of Knights in shining armour. This is the age of warfare, of soldiers and mystery men lurking in the shadows. This is a new world. A cruel world. And we have no business in it.

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Paradice International Academy

High school is a whirlwind of emotions and faces, a wondrous time where friends are made and memories are created, enough to last a lifetime.

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Lo-Muna looked to the raven haired woman as the people hurried around them, having no real reason to follow after Prefect Ro except his urging. Well, that and the possibility of danger coming to the people. As much as the rabbit woman saw this as a chance to escape, she couldn't turn away from the panicked faces all around them.

"In case I don't see you again, thanks for your help," Lo-Muna said to her rescuer with a slight bow of her head. She gave a small smile, and then, she was gone.

Even without using her chi, Lo-Muna was fast. She weaved through the crowds with ease and hopped over their heads when the throngs became too thick. Her powerful legs even allowed her to beat Prefect Ro, seeing him still running towards the square as she went on ahead. Whatever had the people panicked, the rabbit beastwoman would be the first to find out.

0.25 INK received for post #2803342, located in The Rockaverse:

"Wonderful idea, Qunith," Talideth responded as she eyed Lorfyn. "But she has a weapon and we do not. I do not think walking up to her and assaulting her is the best idea either."

Talideth looked around, "Too many witnesses as well."

0.25 INK received for post #2817032, located in The Horat-verse:

As a woman was launched at the target of a shopkeeper, Lo-Muna had been pulled forward and stumbled as the vendor's grip loosened. The rabbit beast-woman recovered her balance and looked up just as the woman slapped the back of the vendor. The noise resounded loudly and some of the onlookers laughed as the shop keeper tumbled forward. On top of that humiliation, the vendor looked up as his wares were being stolen by small children. He pulled at his hair, his face reddening, embarrassment and outrage bubbling inside of him.

"LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" he screamed at the muscular woman as he pointed at his ruined stall. "ALL MY STUFF! RUINED!"

Lo-Muna was pocketing the cloth she had wanted when two guards arrived, brought out by the noise. They noticed her pocketing the wares but as they were about to step towards her, the vendor stormed up to them and began shouting. He practically jumped up and down, fuming, and gesturing to the mess of a scene around them. A woman and her child, a pinwheel still burning in his hand, stopped in front of Lo-Muna. They shielded her from view and the beast-woman thanked them quietly. She was about to turn tail and leave when she hesitated.

Looking back, she saw the raven haired woman was a little unsteady on her feet. The crowd had begun to disperse and the guards were beginning to calm the angry vendor down. Lo-Muna sighed and walked over to the muscular woman, saying to her in a low voice, "Thank you but may I suggest we go get another drink on me? Away from prying eyes? Now? Please?"

0.25 INK received for post #2806811, located in The Rockaverse:

Talideth raised her head at the sounds of gunshots and screaming. She smiled and turned to Qunith, "I do believe we have our cover already Quni."


The worm bellowed as the gunshots and chaos went on down. Horik and Clorik both waited but Clorik was eager to see the bloodshed. The worm seem to stretch its head out, trying to get in on the action from a safe distance.

0.25 INK received for post #2817050, located in Atlas City:

Shinigami and Koschei were dragging the unknown woman along, getting back to where they had landed earlier. Sasha was insisting they go up to wait for the others but Shinigami shook her head. The ghosts were riled up inside of her since they grabbed the woman. Combined with the increasing feeling of exhaustion, Akiko needed a small break and the two of them needed to know who the strange woman was. Shinigami let go momentarily and Sasha did as well of the woman who looked up and down at the of them.

Looking at her, Akiko noticed how... lethal she looked. It nearly bordered on edgy if she was honest. The woman had tanned skin with black eyes and red dots for pupils. There were streaks of red in her short, jet black hair and markings in dark blue ink upon her face. One line on her chin and dots of increasing size along her cheeks to her ears. Her armor consisted of a deep blue and red as well but it looked like a knight's armor... If a knight's arms was sharpened in every possible spot that wouldn't immediately cause lethal harm to the wearer. There was no sword or shield but she did seem to carry something nestled in the crook of her right arm. It looked like an obsidian block with gold markings but it seemed to almost pulse on the edges that touched her arm.

The woman noticed Shinigami's helmet pointing towards her as well as Sasha's own stare. She turned her body to try to shield the block from view and said, "Thanks but I don't appreciate the staring as compensation for saving me. Mind telling me your names?"

"Mind telling us what's that in your arm?" Shinigami countered, grabbing hold of Sasha's arm again, both of them becoming somewhat transparent.

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Now, that's a neat trick. Really saved us back there. You know what, how about I let you know I'm referred to as Polarity? For saving me back there. Nasty things, roaches are."

"They are. Devilman. Boo Woman," Shinigami said as she pointed at Sasha and then herself. Polarity looked incredulous at Shinigami's fake name but didn't question it. "So if you won't tell us what that is, mind telling us why you're here?"

"Ooh, yikes, that's classified info, kiddos," Polarity responded. "You see, I-"

"SHE -KLIK- HAS THE ARTIFACT OF -KLIK- THE DARK-EVER PRESENT MASTERS!" a roach screeched, Shinigami looking up to see a small army of roaches head towards them. As soon as Polarity saw them, she quickly shuffled over to the other side of Shinigami, grabbing a firm hold on her arm. Akiko could clearly see the cube of obsidian in her other arm but the markings were unrecognizable to her.

"Mind doing that little disappearing trick of yours again, Boo? Thanks!" Polarity said and Shinigami simply rolled her eyes before turning them invisible and intangible again. She flew them up as more angry screeches, hisses, and clicks ensued in rage over their escaped prey.

"This time, we don't let go until the others arrive," Shinigami said as they flew back up to cliff.