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Well, I was born on Mars, then was adopted by a couple from Venus. Since then I've been flying a spaceship for a package delivery company.
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Gotham City
Drawing faces on cardboard tubes.
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Universes Created

Cafe De Milestones

When a group of childhood friends all get jobs at a restaurant, they must deal with the drama and the fact that the shop is going out of business. All roles filled!

Life Raft

When a ship crashes, a group of strangers are all stuck on a life raft together. 2 spots left!

The Bermudas

The four children of the famous Bermudas have always been a sight to see. But when their parents die in a tragic car accident, they're forced to moved from a penthouse in New York to a small town in Arizona. Open!


Many years ago, multiple elite assassins and criminals were gathered together to form the Spiders Society. This is the story of them. More inside!

Elements' Honor

A kingdom, namely Qunrith, finds out that beyond the regular world they live in, there's a world of magic. The main base of the power is Elements, and the kingdom discovers that their own Princess is one of the four masters. More inside!

The Crowheart Thieves

The Crowheart Thieves have been around for years, doing everyone's dirty work. Need to poison someone? Or do you need us to arrange an "Accident?" We'e got you covered.

Rising Stars

When a group of strangers all want to become famous, they all go to agents, trying to become famous, but are unsuccessful. When they all collide, they have to work together to achieve their dreams.

The Journals

When a group of teenagers in witness protection program are given amnesia, they must live with others who are in the same situation, the only memory they have are their journals. All roles filled!

The Power We Hold

Have you ever wondered why whether is so random? Why the tide changes? Who controls time? Why, it's the people around you, you just don't notice it. MORE INSIDE!

Maybelle Resort

When a group of teenagers apply to work at a resort over the summer, it's not the fun place they thought it would be. MORE INSIDE! ONE MALE ROLE!

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