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Little Fox member of RPG for 7 years

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All you need to do is read my blog, darling. I'm very amiable so don't be afraid to approach me with a question. PMs will all be answered promptly within 24 hours. I also provide help in improving writing and character creation skills. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Bring me some pie!

Basic Information

Little Fox
Aspiring author, full time mommy, and graphic designer.
Marvel, Pokémon, Gaston LeRoux, Butch Hartman, Modern Marvels, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee
Began Role Playing:
02 Feb 2009
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Those with Marvel and Pokémon bases
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
High Fantasy, Anime, Modern Fantasy

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513,651 words written.
441 total posts.
1164.74 words per post.
5.25 posts per roleplay.
34.95 average days in a roleplay.



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Completed Stories

Skyrim: The Mentor & The Sellswords Completed

{Completed} After their Mentor disappears, a group of deeply troubled individuals working as mercenaries sets out to find him, only to be drawn into a deadly game run by forces beyond any of them.

Universes Created

X-Men: The Calm Before the Storm

A civil war is on the brink of breaking out, but all these young ones can do for now is focus on trying to have a normal life. That doesn't mean that they aren't preparing themselves, though...

That's What Life Is

1x1 between myself and Girl2Fine2

Surviving Hollywood

A 1x1 between myself and divinedarkness that adds a touch of supernatural and occultism to the usual "Rising to fame" roleplay.

Fox Bin

Stay outta my stuff!

Breaking Traditions

A 1x1 between myself and aarondalea.

Across the Wilds

The Queen has been stolen and prophets have recently revealed that the dragon has yet to kill her. She can be saved. And so, people all across Thralreth have rallied to rescue the queen...and the treasure. But the King has sent his own specialists...

X-Men: The Calm Before the Storm ::Redux::

First M-Day occurred. And then the Civil War begins to rise. With the Sapien League on the loose, what's going to happen to the remaining Mutants?

That's Amore

A collaborative story between myself and _____

Run or Die!

It's a 1x1 between myself and my bestie.

Just Trying To Make It

A rather private roleplay!




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“All I'm writing is just what I feel, that's all. I just keep it almost naked. And probably the words are so bland.”
― Jimi Hendrix