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South Coast Misery Open

In which a group of irrational, outcast and conflicted Southampton dwelling youths try to figure it out and live a little if they can. Anything could happen.

Barcode Open

A group of teenagers are all that's left of a rebel force fighting against a corrupt government, the generation before them extinct- who will step up to fight the cause now?

road runner Open

When everything begins to fall apart and you're just no in the place or happen to be the person you want to be, sometimes it's just best to pack up and join the road runners.


Welcome, to the City. scanning barcode...

broken things Open

A group of messed up kids are dragged into Saint Lukes- a youth hostel for the sick but will the gathering of sadness bring hope into the lives? Because if you swap 'i' with 'we' even illness because wellness.

Skins: Secrets Out Open

In every small local town, there’s that one group of kids. The group of kids parent warn their children about, the boys Father’s chase with broomsticks in their night wear, the girls that Mother’s encourage their sons away from.

The Garage: Memento Mori Open

"An eye for an eye is always fair,"

The Garage Closed

'An eye for an eye is always fair,' - There's a place down town, a place that welcomes everyone. Screw up after screw up they turn up at our door and then they aren't a screw up anymore. {W.I.P}

The Scandalous Lives of Manhattan's Elite Open

A whole new generation of scandal has arrived and it's only so long till that anonymous blogger Gossip Girl, blows the city up, turns it upside and inside out all over again.

The Freedom Seekers' Life Open

Every teenager sits with their bestfriend one day and plans the rest of their life. These teenagers, their plans didn't go down right, so they left for a spontaneous gypsy life on the road, what on earth could go wrong? -more inside-

Hollywood Scandal Open

Private RP between me, myself, I and Skin Deep. Sorry Suckers.

Feud of Mysterious Misfits & Rejects Open

Once upon a time there were monsters but they were driven away from their home and corned at the end of the land...

AHS: Coven Open

Young witches from all around the world are brought to New Orleans to attend Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies and discover who they are. A role play based around the concept of and inspired by 'American Horror Story, Coven.

Don't Mind Me At All Open

Just my characters and ideas and stuff- just ignore it really.