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Long Lost Lius » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Long Lost Lius as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Makthus

Makthus, located in Eat Out - Tierge's Resturant

as part of The Multiverse

"Okay, Im not pretty, I give you that, but I got plenty of much prettier things in my pockets"

Character Portrait: Rafar the Red

Rafar the Red, located in Arma Torrel

as part of Adventures in a Fantasy World

"You're not the top, you're prey, PREY!"

Character Portrait: Aragal the Fleshking

Aragal the Fleshking, located in Enervis

as part of The Forsaken: Rebirth

"I am, perfect"

Character Portrait: Octavia Weelwright

Octavia Weelwright, located in Valeria, 9th Century

as part of The Shamrock Chronicles

"No matter how big your ship is, no matter how powerful your guns are, in the end, it'll come down to a boarding"

Character Portrait: Barric Wright

Barric Wright, located in Stonevale

as part of Witch and Witchhunter: Enemy of My Enemy

"People, like to invent monsters and monstrosities. Then they seem less monstrous themselves.”

Character Portrait: Khogrin Kraghammer

Khogrin Kraghammer, located in The Dwarven Citadels

as part of Between Gods and Games

"Don't you, fuckin', dare."

Character Portrait: The Genie

The Genie, located in The Wonderland Institute in New York

as part of The Wonderland Institute v2

"Red pouring through the walls, blue plugging the holes with himself, but that only makes him red, he then spreading red wherever he goes"

Character Portrait: Paarl

Paarl, located in Timberland

as part of Black and White


Character Portrait: Yala Steelblood

Yala Steelblood, located in Continent of Aldora

as part of Herofall

"But you're... Tiny" - The Human Warrior

Character Portrait: Kurnos, Keeper of Undeath

Kurnos, Keeper of Undeath, located in Pandeum

as part of Deities: The Gods of Pandeum

Deity of Undeath and Rage

Character Portrait: Victor Garthside

Victor Garthside, located in Subway Derelict

as part of Bedlam Dawn: Freedom's Fare

"My mind threatens to break at this very second, Do you think you are any worse?"

Character Portrait: Demon Lord Psophor

Demon Lord Psophor, located in Casgrax II

as part of The Multiverse

"Hrahaha! Now this, this is great!"

Character Portrait: Vanarak the White Bull

Vanarak the White Bull, located in Polara

as part of Legends of Gialpha

"I like to think of myself as a very enthusiastic wanderer"

Character Portrait: Asmos, Beast of Battle

Asmos, Beast of Battle, located in New World

as part of Outcasters AU: Atonement {Reboot}

"Betrayer!? Hah! You will need to do something worse than calling me names if you wish me to stop!

Character Portrait: Argol Oathbreaker

Argol Oathbreaker, located in Casgrax II

as part of The Multiverse

"Cliche hero, at your service, no, no he's not with me, ignore him."

Character Portrait: Rafar The Red

Rafar The Red, located in The Land Of Xetraylia

as part of The Land Of Xetraylia

"Hehe... All this is just a battle for prey"

Character Portrait: Trami San

Trami San, located in The Galactic Bar

as part of The Multiverse

"Well, by then I should have already won"

Character Portrait: Bones the Scavenger

Bones the Scavenger, located in Hope

as part of All that was Lost

Don't ya think it's a little funny? We didn't even have a reason to kill eachother

Character Portrait: Gaff Bonebrand

Gaff Bonebrand, located in Elysium

as part of The Edge of Darkness


Character Portrait: Vickas Rhilo

Vickas Rhilo, located in Continent Of Valcia

as part of FateOrFreedom

"If you are gonna die, Atleast do it smiling against the biggest opponent possible with the best of friends by your side"

Character Portrait: Solren Sunshard

Solren Sunshard, located in Millenniumverse

as part of The Millennium War

"One, two, three, oh... seven, eight... Ya'll are dying too quick!"

Character Portrait: Norn-Queen Zarza

Norn-Queen Zarza, located in Ahria

as part of The Multiverse

"Against endless hordes of beasts, what else could you possibly do? Other than pray."

Character Portrait: Kamron Redd

Kamron Redd, located in Modern/Future

as part of Dragon Crest

"What do you mean I'm on fire? OH CRA-"

Character Portrait: Abrathos

Abrathos, located in Subway Derelict

as part of Bedlam Dawn: Freedom's Fare

"Life, is such a fragile thing"

Character Portrait: Brimm Deepwater

Brimm Deepwater, located in Gialpha

as part of Legends of Gialpha

"I have seen wonderful things, devilish things and things that could only be called impossible, You are one of those."

Character Portrait: Chaddreinth

Chaddreinth, located in Modern/Future

as part of Dragon Crest

"Zu'u los mul vothni kes" "I am strength without limit"